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How to Recruit Primary Care Physicians in 2024

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Here are the Best 6 Tips for Recruiting Primary Care Physicians in 2022:

1. Offer What Physicians Want

Studies show that the up-and-coming generation of physicians has distinct expectations of their employers.

They want the ability to practice quality medicine while having a voice in the process and more autonomy. They are also more concerned about work/life balance.

Flexibility in the working arrangement is extremely important, and if you can arrange flexibility for your workforce, it can be a real game changer.

This strategy to recruit primary care physicians came from CompHealth.com’s “6 Tips For Recruiting Out-of-Area Physicians.”

2. Assemble a Task Force

For example, the IU Health System developed a dedicated Primary Care Recruitment Committee comprised of members from all the departments with a stake in the game. 

This team includes the VP of the Primary Care Service Line, the MD Administrative Director of Primary Care, the Director of Physician Recruitment (Mr. Walker), a Primary Care Recruiter, and a Recruitment Coordinator.

Involvement of both an executive from the administration as well as the head MD of primary care is key to achieving their goals.

This strategy on how to recruit primary care physicians came from PracticeMatch.com’s “6 Tips for Recruiting During the Primary Care Physician Shortage.”

3. Stand Out From the Rest: Separate Your Organization from the Competition

Before an organization begins to recruit primary care physicians they must know their market. 

The first step is to do a market assessment and compare their benefits to that of their competition.

Do similar health organizations in their area offer signing bonuses, retention bonuses, retirement match or generous PTO? 

If so, it may be time for the organization to look at enhancing their benefits to stay competitive and in some cases even increase their benefits to be slightly above market.

UHCSolutions.com shared “3 Tips to Recruiting in the High-Demand Primary Care Physician Market.”

4. Assess Your Physicians’ Career Goals

Are your current physicians close to retirement or looking for a leadership role?

National physician turnover is estimated at 7%.

For every 20 physicians employed by your organization, plan on 1-2 replacements each year. 

This does not include any hires due to growth or expansion, which could substantially increase that number.

This strategy to recruit primary care physicians came from JacksonPhysicianSearch.com’s “Physician Recruitment Best Practices.”

5. Include the Candidate’s Family

Family concerns play a significant role when considering a new position for many physicians, especially one that may require them to relocate.

When recruiting a candidate, consider whether the location of your organization provides the candidate’s spouse with professional opportunities or the candidate’s children with good schools. 

All of those items affect a physician’s decision to accept a new job offer.

If the candidate makes a visit to your hospital or clinic, include family members in the experience. Giving family members the opportunity to familiarize themselves with your community can favorably influence a candidate’s decision.

Effective Physician Recruiting Strategies and Tactics” from PeopleScout.com shared this strategy.

6. Make Sure your Healthcare Organization Really is the Best Fit for the Physician

A pre-credentialing questionnaire emailed to the physician candidate early in the process will help both the organization and the potential hire learn as much as possible about each other.

Remember, you can teach some things, but you can’t teach a physician how to believe in the same values that your organization does.

The Editorial Staff of HealthCareSource.com shared this “5 Strategies for Smarter Physician Recruiting.”

How Will You Use These Primary Care Physicians Recruiting Tips in 2022?

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