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Find healthcare providers by specialty, sub-specialty &
performed procedures. Get direct emails &
cell phone numbers in a click!

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Finding healthcare providers
& their direct cell & email
is a nightmare


Get access to all USA healthcare providers with direct cell & email with Heartbeat.AI

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Main Specialty

Search providers by specialty
as listed in their medical license

No more playing with keywords to guess specialties.
Get accurate results fast!


Diversify your candidates

Meet your diversity goal requirements with diversity filters

Contact Information

Reveal direct cell phone
and email data


Create lists in bulk

No more manual labor,
get all the candidates you need in a few clicks

Limits for Team

Source with team members,
set credit limits & view reporting

Heartbeat is geared towards enterprise users.
Create teams accross your organisation
that can access the Heartbeat platform

Frequently Asked Questions

Without bragging, yes, it is. Heartbeat is powered by Swordfish.ai - a leading personal contact information provider and aggregator.
After the successful reception of Swordfish in the Recruitment space, the Swordfish team realised a gap in the market existed for healthcare provider contact data. 40% of US healthcare providers are on LinkedIn. Swordfish.ai happened to be sitting on 100% of the data and Heartbeat was born!
Heartbeat provides accurate personal cell phone and personal email data, less business emails that change so frequently. Most list providers will use recycled or permutated (“guessed”) business emails which are about 50% accurate. They also do not provide cell phone numbers of providers, like Heartbeat does.
Yes - if you opt to use your credits with Swordfish as well. You can use both Heartbeat Prospector as well as the Swordfish Chrome Extension using the same pool of credits.
Absolutely not! Once a credit unlocks someone, that contact is available for everyone on the account.
Yes. You can allow/disallow specific team members from seeing other team member data. As a team manager, you can view all data for all members. This setting is located in the team management page.
Yes - you can manage all members from one account with multiple admins, or have each team manage their own individual account. Their data will still be synced to your contract account so you have access to all data and won’t get charged twice on using a credit on the same contact.
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