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Best Way to Recruit Physicians in 2024


Here Are the 5 Best Ways to Recruit Physicians in 2022:

1. Offer an Incentive

A financial incentive gets a resident’s attention. 

As part of IU’s primary care recruitment plan, they instituted an Early Commitment Residency Stipend Program in which residents who sign a contract to join can receive a stipend of $2,000 a month structured as a forgivable loan up to 24 months from completing their training.

This incentive is often the deciding factor for IU residents who are on the fence about staying at IU or going elsewhere, Mr. Walker explains. “It’s been amazing the difference that has made,” he says. 

“Last year, we signed several residents who won’t complete training until 2022. Right now, we’re getting ready to sign a couple residents who don’t finish training until 2023.”

This strategy to recruit physicians came from’s “Physician Recruitment: Tips and Strategies”.

2. Communication

Communication is the cornerstone of great candidate experience.

To build strong relationships, recruiters should work to understand the physician’s needs and wants. 

When contacting a candidate, a recruiter should open a dialog about what motivates them and work to identify issues and concerns they may have.

This tip to recruit physicians came from’s “Paging All Doctors: Effective Physician Recruiting Strategies And Tactics”.

3. Be Proactive

Make advertising a key part of your search strategy, to find candidates you may not have found otherwise. 

Proactively talk to physicians who are already on staff to ask them to spread the word to their networks, which gets the advertisement into more physician circles. 

Consider offering a hiring bonus or perk for a person who brings in a candidate who accepts the job. shared “Tips For Recruiting Physicians – Thinking Outside The Box”.

4. Make it Easy to Find Employment Opportunities on Your Website

Don’t hide essential elements of your organization.

In a 2011 HubSpot survey, 76% of respondents said the most important part of a website experience is the ease to find the information they’re seeking. 

When you hide essential tasks for your core audience, you’re leaving them behind.

Physician recruitment comfortably lives in HR-related careers or “find a job” content, or it can live on its own if it’s a priority for your organization.

This strategy to recruit physicians came from’s “5 Tips to Improve Your Physician Recruitment Efforts”.

5. Business Relationships

At the same time, the successful recruiter is also identifying clients and cultivating relationships with hospitals, organizations, and physician practices.

The same techniques of cold calling, referrals, and web and media searches can provide many leads to practices and organizations with open positions.

In addition, cultivating good relationships with organizations that don’t have a current opening will pay off when a position is available – the hiring manager will contact the professional recruiter first.

Good recruiters prepare several scripts that they use to make marketing presentations to potential clients.

Robert Eskridge shared this tip to recruit physicians on “Secrets of Successful Physician Recruiting – An Effective Process”.

How Will You Implement These Best Ways to Recruit Physicians in 2022?

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