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Healthcare Recruiting Trends for 2024

March 17, 2024

Trends in recruiting, staffing and hiring change slightly from year to year.

Here are 6 Healthcare Recruiting Trends for 2021:

1. Diversity and Inclusivity

The world is fighting not only the global pandemic but also a global issue. 

To combat this issue, corporates have been playing a significant role by incorporating diversity and inclusivity hiring strategy.

Many companies have taken this hiring strategy with utmost seriousness and molded their hiring strategies accordingly. Apart from companies, candidates too want to be a part of organizations that practice diversity and inclusivity hiring due to the huge benefit it has to offer.

This healthcare recruiting trend came from IrionLine.com’s “Top 5 Healthcare Staffing and Recruiting Trends of 2021”.

2. Virtual and Remote Practices are Here to Stay

Job seekers and employers alike should become as adept as possible at using virtual technology, as this has been one of the most popular trends of the past year, and is almost guaranteed to remain one.

According to Gartner, 86% of companies conducted virtual interviews during the height of the pandemic, to comply with social distancing recommendations. Even when the pandemic subsides, the multitude of benefits that virtual and remote practices provide are undeniable.

Being able to connect with candidates and employers that are thousands of miles away with a few clicks has obvious positive impacts for recruiting efficiency and communication.

RadiusStaffingSolutions.com shared “The Top 5 Healthcare Staffing and Recruiting Trends for 2021”.

3. Healthcare Employer Branding

Before advertising for a vacancy in your company, ask yourself this question, “why should a candidate choose you over your competitor’s company”?

The healthcare industry candidates are tech-savvy, and they are capable of learning about a brand in a matter of minutes before applying for a job.

A survey conducted by LinkedIn found out that 75% of job seekers thoroughly go through the employer’s brand before applying for a job. That tells us how important employer branding is.

Employer branding refers to highlighting the particular strengths of your company so you can differentiate yourself from the competition. 

It could be on social media platforms (especially LinkedIn and Facebook), job portals like Glassdoor, Indeed, and various review sites.

This healthcare recruiting trend was shared from ProActiveHealthcareRecruiters.com’s “Top 3 Healthcare Recruiting And Staffing Trends In 2021”.

4. Recruiters Will Expand Skill Sets

The No. 1 skill for recruiters to embrace in 2021 is adaptability, according to LinkedIn’s survey.

“This isn’t surprising, given the challenges we faced last year,” Lobosco said. “Recruiters are rapidly adding skills like bringing clarity to talent data, reshaping employer branding and fine-tuning the virtual hiring process.”

Notably, the fastest-growing pivot for recruiters during the pandemic was personal development.

“We saw recruiters massively increase their appetite for learning as soon as COVID-19 hit last March, more than doubling their normal learning consumption in the following months,” said Johnny Campbell, CEO of Dublin-based SocialTalent, a learning platform for recruiters.

Roy Maurer shared this healthcare recruiting trend on SHRM.org’s “2021 Recruiting Trends Shaped by the Pandemic”.

5. A Trend of Focusing on Mental Health

Any good employer is going to have a policy to support mental health and that has never been more necessary or true than now. 

A growing trend in the recruiting industry and the job market is for potential hires to ask about mental health benefits. Providing employees with tools and resources to support their mental health is beneficial for everyone involved as a healthy and happy employee is a productive employee. 

Whether it is providing employees with training to support healthy mental well-being or providing therapy free of charge, the mental health conversation in recruiting and hiring is becoming more and more popular thanks to the pandemic changing the ways of the world. 

Make sure to mention the mental health options that are available during the recruiting process to show potential hires you recognize the need for a work environment that makes mental health a priority. 

This healthcare recruiting trend was shared from GetHppy.com’s “Recruitment Industry Trends for 2021”.

6. Look Beyond the Resumes

While resumes can showcase qualifications, experience, and accomplishments, they should not be the only gauge used to determine the most qualified candidates.

With millions of Americans searching for new positions, the number of candidates applying for your open opportunities will be greater than ever before, and skills tests can help you narrow the field. 

In fact, the latest skills tests allow you to create your own custom test to easily identify the candidates most suited to your business. 

This healthcare recruiting trend was shared from Ascendo.com’s “Recruiting Trends to Watch for in the New Year”.

How Will You Implement These Healthcare Recruiting Trends for 2021?

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