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Manuel Acuña Speaking at NAHCR

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Manuel Acuña is speaking at the National Association for Health Care Recruitment (NAHCR) Conference. Manuel’s presentation is titled, “A Predictive Model for Staffing during COVID: The Importance of Having a Trusted Partner.”


NAHCR Health Care Recruitment Conference Presentation:

A Predictive Model for Staffing during COVID: The Importance of Having a Trusted Partner

The theme of this presentation will be central to translating creative adaptations and innovations into enduring practices; and equipping TA, HR, & Nurse Leaders to lead well in the new environment. 

Manuel Acuña, CNO, alongside our selected Talent Acquisition Healthcare Leader & trusted client, will discuss the impact of inadequate nurse staffing in hospital units and offer insights into how flexible staffing can help hospitals maintain optimal patient-nurse ratios. 

NAHCR members will learn about: The negative impact of inadequate staffing, Understanding True vacancy and operational vacancy, Benefits of flexible staffing, Contract and international nursing, Managed Services Programs (MSPs), Takeaways for the audience will be three actions to address the negative impact of inadequate staffing and close the widening experience-complexity gap: 

  1. Understand true vacancy and operational vacancy 
  2. Implement predictive analytics and forecasting to overcome staffing needs 
  3. Activate innovative staffing models for short and long-term benefits

This presentation will include a case study presentation from CHRISTUS Health System by Manuel Acuña.

About Manuel: System Director, Talent Acquisition, CHRISTUS Health System, Responsible for developing and executing system strategies to attract, engage, and retain a diverse slate of highly qualified and culturally aligned talent, Member of the National Association of Latino Healthcare Executives and National Association of Healthcare Recruitment, The presentation will end with a Q&A session, so attendees are encouraged to bring questions.


Don’t miss this NAHCR Recruiting Presentation:



Manuel Acuña

System Director, Talent Acquisition
CHRISTUS Health System


Watch Manuel Acuña’s Recruiting Presentation:


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