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Kevin Stella Speaking at NAHCR

Kevin Stella is speaking at the National Association for Health Care Recruitment (NAHCR) Conference. Kevin’s presentation is titled, “Legal Update.”


NAHCR Health Care Recruitment Conference Presentation:

Legal Update

Employers have always had to manage and adapt to changes to laws and guidance issued by federal and state legislatures and agencies impacting the workplace. Last year certainly reinforced the ever-changing nature of the workplace, with employers having to react to work-from-home considerations, newly issued leave rights, managing through mask mandates, and now vaccination considerations.

And for health care organizations, it has been exhausting not only caring for their patients and communities, but also caring for their own employees who have worked tirelessly providing such care, as well as those employees in administrative and operational roles who help support the infrastructure of the organization.

As recruiters in the health care industry, the challenges continue to grow, from needing to recruit qualified and committed workers and managing through the staffing crisis, to having to deal with specific laws, regulations and best practices during a period of unrest.

I am looking forward to presenting at the NAHCR Annual conference to touch on the legal challenges facing health care recruiters. We will spend time assessing how COVID-19 laws and regulations have impacted recruiting and consider legal issues around employee vaccinations. 

In addition, as there is more focus than ever on pay equity specific to gender and ethnicity, we will review what legal changes are occurring that impact the recruitment process and permissible questions.

Other topics we will address include the growing body of legislation legalizing marijuana, both medical and recreational use, as well as a review of the ongoing impact social media has on employers when it comes to learning about applicants.

There will likely be other developments between now and the annual conference that deserve attention, and we will also be sure to save time to answer questions participants may have.


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Kevin Stella

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