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How to Find Doctors’ Email Addresses for Free or Low Cost (2022)

Best Ways to Find Doctor or Physician Email Addresses in 2022:

1. Find Doctors Contact Information on Heartbeat.ai 

You can find over 2.5 million physician and doctor email addresses searching on Heartbeat.ai. All records include email addresses, and many have the doctors’ / physicians’ cell phone number too.

In total, you can find over 10+ million healthcare and medical professionals, including nurses.Great for sales prospecting, selling to doctors offices, or for recruiting doctors.

Heartbeat AI lets you quickly find Healthcare & Medical Professionals’ direct contact info: email addresses, direct telephone, and cell / mobile phone numbers. Perfect for Staffing, Recruiting, or Sales Prospecting within the Healthcare Industry.

This is a paid version, however, it will save you loads of time. There is a free trial.

2. Find Doctors by Doing a Google Search

Put the doctor’s name in quotes, “like this” to be sure you are getting the correct Dr.’s name.

Copy and paste this into Google Search and change the name and the city they are located in. This is known as a boolean search string

(Dr OR Dr. OR Doctor) + “FULL NAME” + “CITY NAME” + (email OR “email address” OR “@”)

For example:
“John Smith” and “Los Angeles”

The search string would look exactly like this:
(Dr OR Dr. OR Doctor) + “John Smith” + “Los Angeles” + (email OR “email address” OR “@”)

Look through the search results to see if you find the doctor’s email address for free.

3. Find Doctors on Linkedin

There are quite a few doctors listed on Linkedin in almost every major city.

You can send a connection request to the doctor, and once they connect with you, you will be able to see their email address, or message them for free via Linkedin.

The downside is, there are many doctors who do not use Linkedin. Plus, doctors are busy. If they have Linkedin, they might now use it often enough.

One great thing about Heartbeat.ai is that it can also use a Linkedin Chrome Extension, so if you do find a doctor on Linkedin, you can get their email address and cell phone number in seconds with just a few clicks.

4. Find Doctors on Medical Website Directories, or on Their Own Physician Website

Going back to Google, this will help you quickly pull up many doctor and physician offices right in your city.

If you are searching Google while in your very own city, type any of these phrases in:

doctors near me

primary care doctors near me

family doctors near me

primary health care doctors near me

doctors near me accepting new patients

primary doctors near me

best primary care doctors near me

If you are doing a Google Search for a different city, try this instead:
doctor’s office in “CITY NAME” 

For example:
doctor’s office in “Los Angeles” 

This will pull up many search results and even Google Maps showing dozens of doctor’s offices websites and doctor’s names.

Looking on these websites you may be able to find email addresses on the Contact Us pages or in the footer of the website at the bottom of each page.

This is definitely time-consuming to go this route.

5. Find Doctors on Facebook

There are some doctors that have Facebook profiles, but not as many as on Linkedin.

You can connect with the doctor on Facebook, and then FB Messenger them once they accept your connection request. 

Although a free way, the results will not get you there quickly if you really need to find their email address fast.

Using Heartbeat.ai, there is a Chrome Extension for use with Facebook. If you do find a doctor on FB, you can get their email address and cell phone number in seconds with just a few clicks.

How Will You Use These Free or Low Cost Ways to Find Doctors’ Email Addresses in 2022?

Finding Doctors’ Email Addresses Pro Tip: If you want to shortcut your way to recruiting and hiring for open positions and staffing needs, you need targeted candidate and talent personal contact information to reach them quickly.

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Heartbeat AI provides valuable accurate Healthcare & Medical Data Lists, Emails & Cell Phone Numbers of Physicians, Doctors, Nurses, and other Locum Tenens Professionals. Lookup over 10 Million Healthcare Providers contact info in a few clicks and get their personal email address and cell / mobile phone number instantly.

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