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Alaska Board of Dentistry: Essential Requirements for New Dentists

May 25, 2024

The Alaska Board of Dentistry regulates over 1,200 dental professionals to maintain high standards of care across the state. To get licensed by the Board, you need to complete graduation from an accredited dental school and pass the National Board Dental Examination.

Additionally, you must have a current CPR certification and a clear criminal background check. The board ensures that all dentists practicing in Alaska are skilled and ethical.

However, Heartbeat makes this licensing process easier with its powerful data management system and user-friendly features. It rationalizes document submissions and keeps track of your application status, helping you meet all the requirements without stress.

Throughout this article, we will explain how the Board of Dentistry oversees dental standards and how to get licensed and others. So, keep going!

Alaska Board of Dentistry

Alaska Board of Dentistry: At A Glance

The Alaska Board of Dentistry regulates dentists and dental hygienists in Alaska to ensure they meet the required standards for education and professionalism. The Board issues licenses, monitors adherence to state rules, and investigates any complaints against dental professionals.

Moreover, it takes disciplinary actions when needed to protect the public’s health. Additionally, the Board supports ongoing learning by requiring dental professionals to complete continuing education for license renewal.

Its primary goal is to uphold high dental care standards, ensuring that you receive safe and competent service.

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What is the Alaska Board of Dentistry Responsible for?

The Alaska Board of Dentistry is the authority that oversees dental professionals in the state. The main responsibility of the Board is to help you understand how it ensures high standards of dental practice in Alaska. Their other responsibilities are:

  • Licensing Dental Professionals: The Board issues licenses to dentists and dental hygienists who meet all educational and professional criteria. This step is crucial to make sure only qualified individuals are allowed to provide dental care.
  • Regulating Dental Practices: It also sets and enforces rules that all dental practices must follow to practice of dentistry. These regulations cover professional behavior and the quality of care that patients receive, ensuring practices maintain high standards.
  • Handling Complaints and Disciplinary Actions: Furthermore, the Board handles complaints against dental professionals. If a dentist or hygienist is found to be at fault, they might face actions such as suspension or license revocation to protect public health.
  • Mandating Continuing Education: The Board requires that all dental professionals complete certain continuing education courses to renew their licenses. This ensures they keep up-to-date with the latest dental techniques and industry standards.
  • Ensuring Public Safety: Above all, the Board’s main goal is to ensure the safety of public health. By regulating practitioners and enforcing standards, it ensures that dental services in Alaska are delivered by competent and ethical professionals.

Alaska Board of Dentistry License Lookup

The Alaska Board of Dentistry License Lookup is your go-to resource for checking if a medical professional in Alaska is appropriately licensed. This official tool is crucial for confirming that a dentist meets the legal requirements to practice medicine in the state.

Furthermore, the platform Heartbeat also allows you to verify the license status of Alaska dentists easily. This ensures that you can quickly check whether a dentist’s license is current and valid, helping to uphold trust in healthcare services.

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Alaska Board of Dentistry License Requirements

To practice dentistry in Alaska, you must meet certain requirements set by the dental boards. Here’s a clear breakdown of what qualifications for licensure you need to get your dental license.

  • Educational Qualification: You need to graduate from a dental school or college that is accredited by (CODA). This ensures your training meets the necessary national standards of dental education.
  • Examination: You must pass the (NBDE) National Board Dental Examination. The NBDE exam has two parts and evaluates your dental knowledge and skills.
  • State Clinical Exam: Besides the national exams, you also need to pass a clinical exam approved by the state. This tests your practical skills in performing dental procedures.
  • CPR Certification: It’s essential for dentist applicants to have a current cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) certification. This certification is important for managing emergencies that might occur during dental care.
  • Background Check: The board will conduct a thorough criminal background check. This step confirms that you uphold the ethical standards for health care.
  • Application and Fees: Finally, submit your completed application and the required fees to the Board of Dentistry. This process includes checks on your educational background, examination results, and criminal history.

How to Get an Alaska Board of Dentistry License?

How to Get an Alaska Board of Dentistry License

Obtaining a dental license from the AK Board of Dentistry involves a precise sequence of steps. This guide simplifies each phase, helping you navigate the process efficiently and effectively.

Step 1: Meet Educational Requirements

Your first task is to graduate from the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA) accredited dental assistant program. The Board of Dentistry in Alaska insists on this accreditation to ensure your training adheres to high standards.

Step 2: Pass Required Exams

Following your education, you must successfully pass the National Board Dental Examinations, which come in two parts. These exams test your dental knowledge and skills. Moreover, you also need to clear a state-recognized clinical exam, testing your practical dental abilities.

Step 3: Obtain CPR Certification

Securing a current CPR certification is also necessary. This certification equips you to manage emergencies effectively, a vital skill for any practicing dentist.

Step 4: Submit the Alaska Board of Dentistry License Application

With your exams passed and CPR certification in hand, you can apply for your Alaska dentistry license. Gather all your documents, complete the application form, and submit it along with the required fees through the Alaska Dentistry License Lookup system on the Board’s website.

Step 5: Complete Background Check

Additionally, a criminal background check is part of the Alaska Dentistry Board license application process. This step ensures that all practicing dentists maintain a standard of professionalism and safety.

Step 6: Await License Issuance

The Board will review your materials once your application and background check are complete. If approved, they will issue your license. To stay informed, you can monitor the status of your application through the Alaska Dentistry License Lookup.

Alaska Dentistry Board Licensure Time Frame

The process to get a dentistry license from the Alaska Dentistry Board usually takes about 6 to 8 weeks after they receive your complete application, which includes all required documents and exam scores.

The exact time can vary, though, depending on how quickly and accurately you provide your information. To avoid delays, make sure you completely fill out your application’s every part. This careful attention to detail will help ensure that you receive your license as soon as possible.

Cost of Alaska Dentistry Board License?

The cost to apply for a dental specialist license in Alaska is $300, with an initial biennial license fee of $450. The Alaska Board of Dental Examiners establishes several fees for dental hygienists. The initial license application fee is $100, but the fee is lower, at $50, if you’re applying for a courtesy license.

Moreover, each special endorsement or permit you to apply for, like the initial restorative function endorsement, local anesthetic, or nitrous oxide permit, also costs $100 each. These fees are non-refundable and must be paid when you submit your application.

Alaska Board of Dentistry License Renewal

Alaska Board of Dentistry License Renewal

Renewing your license with the Alaska Board of Dentistry is crucial to ensure you can continue practicing without any breaks.

We will walk you through the renewal process for your Alaska Dentistry Board License, emphasizing the key steps and requirements. The dentistry license renewal process is as follows:

Step 1: Verify Expiration Date

Start by checking when your license is due to expire. It’s important to begin the renewal process before this date to prevent any disruption in your practice. You can easily find this information through the Alaska Dentistry License Lookup on the Board of Dentistry Alaska website.

Step 2: Complete CE Requirements

Next, ensure you meet the continuing education requirements mandated by the Board. These courses are designed to keep your dental knowledge up-to-date. Keep records of your completed courses as proof, which you’ll need to submit with your renewal application.

Step 3: Submit Your Application

Once you’ve completed your continuing education, you can fill out the AK Board of Dentistry License renewal application available on the Board’s website. Carefully check your information to prevent errors, and then pay the required renewal fee.

Step 4: Update CPR Certification

Also, check that your CPR certification is current. This certification is necessary for your renewal and for managing potential emergencies during dental procedures.

Step 5: Await Confirmation

After submitting your application and all the necessary documents, the Board of Dentistry will review your materials. You can see the progress of your application using the Alaska Dentistry License Lookup. Once processed, you’ll receive a confirmation that your license has been renewed.

Alaska Board of Dentistry License Verification

Alaska Board of Dentistry License Verification

If you’re looking to check a dentist’s license in Alaska, the Alaska Dentistry License Lookup tool is your go-to resource. We will walk you through how to use this official tool from the Board of Dentistry Alaska to verify dental licenses.

Step 1: Access the Lookup Tool

Start by visiting the Alaska Dentistry Board License verification website. This online tool is straightforward and designed to help you access the information you need without hassle. It’s the official source for checking up on dental professionals in Alaska.

Step 2: Enter Information

On the Alaska Dentistry License Lookup page, enter the dentist’s name, dental licensure number, or other details you have. This step is crucial for filtering results and ensuring you find the right professional’s license information.

Step 3: Review Results

The search results will display your dentistry license status. You’ll be able to see if the license is active, or expired, or if there have been any disciplinary actions. Make sure to thoroughly review these details to confirm the dentist’s qualifications.

How Often Do Dentistry Licenses Need to be Renewed in Alaska?

In Alaska, you need to renew your dentistry license every two years. This biennial renewal ensures that all dental professionals keep up with the latest practices and meet current standards.

During this process, you must submit a renewal application, pay a fee, and provide proof of your continuing education. The renewal deadline is set for December 31st of every odd-numbered year.

Sticking to this schedule is crucial; missing it could interrupt your legal ability to practice. Therefore, it’s important to keep track of the renewal date and prepare your documents well in advance.

How Does Heartbeat AI Simplify the Process of Getting & Renewing a Dentistry License in Alaska?

How Does Heartbeat AI Simplify the Process of Getting & Renewing a Dentistry License in Alaska

Heartbeat AI makes it easier for you to get and renew your dental license in Alaska with useful tools and resources. It offers vast databases so that you can easily connect with your required healthcare professionals. Here are the major features of Heartbeat AI:

Broad Healthcare Network

You can connect with experienced dental professionals who have gone through Alaska’s licensing process. Their advice can simplify complex steps, whether you are applying for the first time or renewing your license.

Current Information

You get access to a large database with 9.3 million email addresses and many verified phone numbers. This helps you stay updated with the latest licensing information and communicate easily with the Alaska Board of Dentistry.

Accurate Contact Details

Heartbeat AI provides reliable contact details, with 84% accuracy for phone numbers and 92% for emails. This ensures you can reach out to experts in Alaska’s dental community when needed.

Networking Made Simple

The Heartbeat AI Chrome Extension makes it easy to connect with other dental professionals in Alaska. This can help you find mentors and grow your career.

Efficient Search Tools

With the Prospector Tool, you can search by location, specialty, and experience level to find the right people to answer your licensing questions or support your career growth.

Continuous Verification

Heartbeat AI keeps all contact information up-to-date through its File Upload feature. It ensures your communications are accurate and reliable.


In summary, the Alaska Board of Dentistry is essential for ensuring that dental professionals in the state meet high education and practice standards. This Board is responsible for licensing and overseeing dentists and dental hygienists, guaranteeing quality care for patients.

Furthermore, this board is crucial for dental professionals to renew and maintain their licenses. The Board of Dentistry helps maintain professional integrity and high standards in Alaska’s dental industry through its efforts.

However, Heartbeat AI provides practical tools and resources to help you quickly acquire and renew your dentist license in Alaska. So, if you need help, contact Heartbeat AI today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can dental hygienists work independently in Alaska?

Yes, dental hygiene can work independently in specific settings, such as schools and nursing homes. But, they need a collaborative agreement with a licensed dentist.

What should I do if I have a complaint against a dentist in Alaska?

If you have a complaint, submit it to the Board of Dentistry in Alaska through their website. They will investigate and take necessary actions.

Are there any special requirements for dentists who administer anesthesia in Alaska?

Dentists who administer anesthesia need a special permit from the Alaska Board of Dentistry, which requires extra training in anesthesia.

How does the Alaska Board of Dentistry handle disciplinary actions?

The Board investigates complaints and holds hearings if necessary. It can issue fines and suspend or revoke a dentist’s license if it finds violations.

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