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Texas Board of Dentistry: Simplify Your Dental Licensing Process

May 25, 2024

The Texas Board of Dentistry regulates over 15,000 dentists in Texas. This Board plays an essential role in ensuring dental care in the state is safe and of high quality.

It oversees dentists’ licensing, renewal, and verification to ensure everyone practicing meets strict standards. To get licensed, you must complete the required education, pass exams, and pay a fee of about $300. The whole process usually takes a few months.

In this guide, we’ll cover how the Board of Dentistry in Texas operates. You’ll learn all about the steps for getting your license, how to keep it up to date, and what you need to do to stay compliant with Texas regulations. So, keep reading!

Texas Board of Dentistry

Texas Board of Dentistry: At A Glance

The Texas Board of Dentistry oversees the licensing and monitoring of dental professionals in Texas. It ensures dentists and dental hygienists meet the necessary education and ethical standards.

The Board is also responsible for renewing licenses and conducting background checks to protect public safety. Furthermore, it manages the continuing education requirements for dental professionals to keep them current with new practices and technologies.

By doing so, the Board of Dentistry ensures that only qualified individuals practice dentistry in the state, thereby safeguarding the public’s dental health.

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What is the Texas Board of Dentistry Responsible for?

The Texas Board of Dentistry plays a vital role in ensuring that dental assistant professionals in the state adhere to high standards of care and ethical practices. Here’s a closer look at what the Board does to maintain these standards and protect you as a consumer.

  • Licensing Dentists and Dental Hygienists: The Board is responsible for issuing licenses to dentists and dental hygienists who meet specific educational and ethical criteria. They ensure that only qualified individuals practice dentistry in Texas.
  • Enforcement of Dental Laws: It monitors how well dental laws and regulations are followed, investigates any complaints, and disciplines those who break the rules.
  • License Renewal and Continuing Education: The Board oversees the renewal of dental licenses and requires dentists and hygienists to continue their education. This helps dental professionals to practice dentistry and keep up with new developments and technologies.
  • Public Education and Information: Additionally, the Board provides important information about dental health and how to check a dentist’s credentials. It increases transparency and trust in dental care.

Texas Board of Dentistry License Lookup

The Texas Board of Dentistry License Lookup is an easy-to-use online service that lets you check the licensing status of dentists and dental hygienists in Texas. This reliable resource helps you ensure that a dental professional is appropriately licensed and meets the state’s standards for practicing dentistry.

Moreover, Heartbeat offers an additional tool that simplifies the process of searching for and verifying the license status of Texas dentists. This is particularly useful for patients looking to verify the credentials of their dental care providers and for employers in the dental industry.

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Texas Board of Dentistry License Requirements

To become a licensed dentist in Texas, you must meet several essential requirements set by the Board of Dentistry. The requirements for getting a Texas Dental Board license are:

  • Graduation from an Accredited Dental School: The dental professionals in Texas need a degree from a dental school. It must be accredited by the American Dental Association’s Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA).
  • National Board Dental Examinations: You must pass Part I and II of the (NBDE) National Board Dental Examinations.
  • National Board Dental Hygiene Examination: For dental hygienists, you have to pass the National Board Dental Hygiene Examination (NBDHE).
  • Clinical Examination: You must also pass a regional clinical examination recognized by the TX Board of Dentistry.
  • Jurisprudence Exam: You must pass the Texas Jurisprudence Exam. This exam tests your relevant knowledge of the laws and rules governing dentistry in Texas.
  • Proof of CPR Certification: Lastly, you must prove that you are currently certified in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

How to Get a Texas Board of Dentistry License?

How to Get a Texas Board of Dentistry License

Getting a license from the Texas Board of Dentistry might initially seem tough, but it’s entirely doable with clear instructions. We are here to help you through the essential steps to get your Texas Dentistry Board License successfully.

Now, learn the step-by-step guide on how to get a Texas dentistry license:

Step 1: Verify Your Education

To start, make sure you graduated from an accredited dental school. Then, send all your official transcripts directly from your school to the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners. This step confirms your educational qualifications as a certified dental assistant.

Step 2: Pass All Exams

Next, you must pass the National Board Dental Examination (NBDE) Parts I and II and the National Board Dental Hygiene Examination (NBDHE) exams (For dental hygienists). Furthermore, you must pass a clinical exam from the Western Regional Examining Board (WREB) or another approved board. These exams test the healthcare professional’s readiness to practice dentistry.

Step 3: Take the Jurisprudence Assessment

Additionally, before applying for your license, you must pass the Texas Jurisprudence Assessment. This exam covers Texas-specific dental laws and regulations. The study materials and exam are on the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners’ website.

Step 4: Submit the Texas Board of Dentistry License Application

Now, fill out your application for the Texas Dentistry Board License. Download and complete the form from the Board’s website. Attach all necessary documents, such as your exam results and jurisprudence assessment pass proof, and pay the application fee.

Step 5: Check Your Application Status

Lastly, after submitting your application, use the Texas Dentistry License Lookup tool to check your application status. This online tool provides updates and will inform you when your license is officially issued.

Texas Board of Dentistry Licensure Time Frame

The Texas Board of Dentistry usually takes 3 – 4 weeks to process and issue a license. Once you submit a complete application with all required documents and fees, this time frame is required.

If your application is missing information or needs corrections, this can delay the process. Carefully check your application before sending it in to help things go smoothly and possibly quicker. Also, keeping in touch with the Board can speed up the review time.

Cost of Texas Dentistry Board License?

The application fee for an active Texas Dentistry Board License is $198.00. If you choose an inactive status, you’ll pay $113.00. Additionally, switching from inactive to active status later costs $85.00. Furthermore, the renewal fee is also $198.00 to keep your active license up to date. 

Texas Board of Dentistry License Renewal

Texas Board of Dentistry License Renewal

Renewing your Texas Board of Dentistry license is essential to continue your practice without interruption. We will help you explore each step of the process efficiently.

Let’s break down what you need to do from start to finish to renew your license on time.

Step 1: Start Your Renewal

Remember to begin your renewal process before your current license expires. Although the Texas Board of Dentistry will remind you, setting your own reminder is smart. Visit the Texas Dentistry License Lookup page to check your license status and start the renewal application.

Step 2: Complete the Requirements

You must meet the continuing education requirements of the Board of Dentistry Texas, to renew your license. Ensure you have completed all necessary courses to keep your skills current. Have your documentation ready; you might need to submit proof of your renewal.

Step 3: Submit and Pay

Fill out the renewal form and attach any required documents. Next, submit your application through the Texas Dentistry Board License portal and pay the renewal fee. Ensure your payment details are correct to prevent delays.

Step 4: Confirm Renewal

After submitting your license application and fee, you will get a confirmation email from the Board of Dentists.

Save this email for your records. Additionally, you should check your license status on the Texas Dentistry License Lookup site a few weeks later to ensure everything is updated.

Texas Board of Dentistry License Verification

Texas Board of Dentistry License Verification

The process is simple and completely online if you need to check a Texas Board of Dentistry license. The board of dentistry license verification process in Texas is as follows:

Step 1: Visit the Website

Start by going to the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners’ official website. Look for the license verification section available to the public to ensure transparency in the dental profession.

Step 2: Enter License Information

On the verification page, input the dentist’s license number. If you don’t have this number, you can use the dentist’s last name instead. Ensure the information is accurate to get the correct search results.

Step 3: Review Verification Details

Once you submit your search, the site will show details about the dentist’s license status. The review process includes whether the license is active, inactive, or expired, and notes any disciplinary actions if they exist. Check all the details carefully to confirm they meet your expectations.

Step 4: Contact the Board

If you run into problems or need more information, contact the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners directly. They can provide further details or help you understand the verification results.

How Often Do Dentistry Licenses Need to be Renewed in Texas?

In Texas, you must renew your dentistry license every two years and complete several continuing education hours as part of this renewal.

The exact requirements can change, so it’s essential to regularly check with the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners for the most current information. This process ensures that you maintain up-to-date skills and comply with professional standards.

How Does Heartbeat AI Simplify the Process of Getting & Renewing a Dentist License in Texas?

How Does Heartbeat AI Simplify the Process of Getting & Renewing a Dentist License in Texas

Heartbeat AI is transforming the way dentists in Texas manage the licensing process. With its vast database and resources, the platform makes both obtaining and renewing a dentist license simpler and more efficient. Here are the major features of Heartbeat AI:

Vast Database Access

Through Heartbeat AI, you gain access to a large database network of healthcare experts. It includes dentists who have firsthand experience with Texas’s licensing procedures. This is extremely helpful whether you’re applying for your license for the first time or looking to renew it.

High Data Accuracy

Heartbeat AI offers reliable contact information, boasting an 84% accuracy rate for phone numbers and 92% for emails. This reliability is crucial when you need to connect with dental experts in Texas.

Simplified Networking

Using the Heartbeat AI Chrome Extension makes networking a breeze. It helps you connect with other dental professionals across Texas, which could lead to mentorship opportunities and further your career.

Targeted Search Capabilities

With the Prospector Tool, you can tailor your searches by location, specialty, and experience level, helping you find the right people to answer your licensing questions or support your career growth.

Verification of Information

Heartbeat AI ensures that all the contact information it provides is continuously updated. This commitment to accuracy keeps your communications dependable. Its File Upload feature is essential for maintaining your license smoothly.


To wrap up, working with the Texas Board of Dentistry is crucial for any dentist in Texas. Whether applying for a license, renewing it, or keeping up with regulations, the Board is your go-to resource.

It ensures that you meet Texas’s strict standards, vital for legal compliance and high-quality dental care. By following all the guidelines, you can effectively maintain your credentials and continue to offer excellent service to your community.

Remember, staying compliant with the Texas Board of Dentistry is key to your professional success and the well-being of your patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

What actions can the Texas Board of Dentistry take against unethical practices?

The Board can fine, suspend, or revoke a dentist’s license or require additional training if the dentist violates professional standards.

Where can I find information about the Texas jurisprudence exam?

Check the Texas Board of Dentistry’s website for resources and details on scheduling the jurisprudence exam.

What are the continuing education requirements for Texas dentists?

Dentists in Texas must complete several continuing education hours every two years to renew their licenses.

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