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Oregon Board of Dental Assistants: Licensing and Renewal Information

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Over 3,000 dental assistants are regulated by the Oregon Board of Dental Assistants (OR). This data highlights its crucial role in keeping dental care standards high in the state.

However, this board ensures that dental assistants are well-trained and certified to work. If you aim to become a dental assistant in Oregon or need to keep your certification up to date, understanding the licensing process is crucial.

This article will give you straightforward guidance on the Oregon Board of Dental Assistants license. You’ll learn what you need to do to get certified, how to keep your license current, and the renewal process. So, keep reading! 

Oregon Board of Dental Assistants

What’s on this page:

Oregon Board of Dental Assistants: At A Glance

The Oregon Board of Dental Assistants makes sure dental assistants in Oregon are up to the mark. They check if dental assistants have the right skills and follow the rules. This is important for keeping dental care safe and top-notch.

They look after dental assistants’ training, work, and certification to ensure they’re ready to help dentists and take care of patients.

Contact Information

  • Phone Number: 971-673-3200
  • Address: 1500 SW 1st Avenue, Suite 770, Portland, OR 97201, United States
  • Website: Oregon Board of Dentistry 

What is the Oregon Board of Dental Assistants Responsible for?

The Oregon dental assistants have a few essential tasks to handle to ensure dental assistants in Oregon are up to the mark. Here’s what they do –

  • Control Over Dental Assistant Licensing: They check if someone has the right skills and knowledge to work as a dental assistant. You can use the Oregon dental assistant license lookup to see if someone can work as one.
  • Set the Rules for Learning and Training: They decide what kind of education and practice you need to have under your belt before you can work. It’s important for getting or renewing your Oregon Dental Assistants board license.
  • Keep an Eye on Professional Behavior: The Oregon Board of Dental Assistants plays a crucial role in ensuring that dental assistants are up to their tasks and abide by professional standards.

If a dental assistant doesn’t follow the rules, the board takes action. This vigilance helps maintain safety and guarantees high-quality dental care for patients.

  • Update How Things are Done: The board stays current with advancements in dental care by updating regulations and practices. This ensures dental assistants are always equipped with the latest knowledge and techniques.
  • Help you Understand Dental Care Better: The board also dedicates efforts to educating the public about dental health and the role of dental assistants. Through providing resources and information, they empower individuals to make informed decisions regarding their dental care.

Oregon Board of Dental Assistants License Lookup

You can check if a dental assistant in Oregon has the right license through the Oregon Board Assistants’ official tool. This helps you make sure they’re trained and allowed to work. It’s a simple way to be sure dental assistants meet all the requirements.

Moreover, Heartbeat AI offers a feature that lets you quickly check an Oregon dental assistant’s license status. This makes it easier for you to trust that the dental assistant is qualified and up to date with their license.

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Are You Eligible for an Oregon Board of Dental Assistants?

To become eligible to be a dental assistant in Oregon, there are a few things you need to do first. You should have finished a recognized and approved dental assisting program. Also, you need to pass a big test that proves you know your stuff when it comes to dental assisting.

Moreover, you must have CPR training. Plus, you need to pass a special test about Oregon’s dental laws called the Oregon Jurisprudence Exam. In some cases, if you’ve got a lot of experience working in dental care, that might count instead of schooling.

So, to sum it up, to work as a dental assistant in Oregon, make sure you’re trained, tested, and certified the right way.

Oregon Board of Dental Assistants License Requirements

If you want to be a dental assistant in Oregon, here’s what you need to know straight up:

  • General Requirements: First things firstyou have to be at least 18 and should have finished dental school at a place that’s recognized by the American Dental Association Commission.

Plus, you’ve got to clear a few tests: the Dental National Board Examination, the Oregon Laws and Rules Examination, and the ADEX Dental Licensing Examination.

  • Pathways for Specialized Functions: For doing special jobs like orthodontic assisting or expanded function dental assisting, you might need to pass specific exams like the DANB Certified Dental Assistant (CDA) exam or the Certified Orthodontic Assistant (COA) exam.

You’ll also need a thumbs up from an Oregon-licensed dentist saying you’ve done the necessary hands-on work.

  • Anesthesia Monitoring and Assistance: If you’re looking into anesthesia, it’s all about getting the right training and certs, especially Basic Life Support (BLS)/Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). For some roles, like starting IV lines, you’ll need extra courses.

How to Get an Oregon Board of Dental Assistants License?

How to Get an Oregon Board of Dental Assistants License

Now we will tell you how you can get a dental assistant license in Oregon board:

Step 1: Finish a Dental Assisting Course

First, you’ve got to complete an officially recognized course in dental assisting. This is where you learn all the basics you need for the job. It’s crucial because it prepares you to do your job well and confidently.

Step 2: Ace a National Exam

Then, you need to pass a big national exam. This test proves you’ve got the skills and knowledge for the dental assistant role. Clearing this exam gets you one step closer to your license.

Step 3: Get Certified in CPR

You also need to be certified in CPR. It’s not just ticking a box; it’s about preparing for emergencies. This certification is essential for ensuring you can help out in critical situations.

Step 4: Submit the Oregon Board of Dental Assistants License Application

Now, it’s time to fill out your license application for the dental assistants. On this form, you’ll list your education, exam results, and CPR certification. Check everything carefully before you send it off. This application is key to starting your career as a dental assistant in Oregon.

Step 5: Pass the Oregon Jurisprudence Exam

You also have to pass the Oregon Jurisprudence Exam. This focuses on Oregon’s dental laws and ethics. Passing this ensures you know the rules and regulations you need to follow in your job.

Step 6: Do a Background Check

Finally, you’ll submit your fingerprints for a background check. This step checks that you’re reliable and safe to work in the dental field. It’s the last step before you get your license.

Oregon Board of Dental Assistants Time Frame

When you send in your application to become a dental assistant in Oregon, expect to wait around four weeks for your license to come through after you’ve submitted all your paperwork and fees.

This period can be shorter or longer based on how accurately and quickly you complete your application and get all the necessary documents in. The key is to fill everything out correctly the first time to avoid any hold-ups.​

In Oregon, dental assistants don’t get licensed, but they do need to be certified for specific tasks like taking dental x-rays or doing more advanced dental assisting work. This certification is handled by the Dental Assisting National Board (DANB).

Make sure you carefully check the DANB’s requirements for whatever certification you’re going after. This might involve passing certain exams or finishing specific training programs.​

Cost of Oregon Board of Dental Assistants License?

When applying for a dental license in Oregon, the fees depend on what you’re going for. For both general dentists and specialists, the application costs $445. If you’re applying to be a dental faculty member, it’s $405.

The fee for those applying without further examination for dental positions is $890. For dental hygiene and dental therapy without further examination, it’s $820. These fees help process your application.

Oregon Board of Dental Assistants License Renewal

Oregon Board of Dental Assistants License Renewal

To renew a license, a dental assistant in Oregon Board should do the following:

Logging Into the Portal

You start by accessing the Oregon Board of Dental Assistants’ online portal. If you’ve forgotten your password, there’s a “forgot password” option to help you reset it. You’ll receive a temporary password via email.

Starting the Renewal

Once logged in, look for a “renew” button. Clicking this begins your renewal process. You’ll be asked to upload a recent profile picture and your Healthcare Provider Basic Life Support (BLS) documentation.

Completing the Renewal

The entire renewal process is designed to be quick, ideally taking no more than 15 minutes. However, if you need to pause, you can save your progress and return to complete it later.

Finalizing the Process

After you’ve entered all the necessary information and uploaded the required documents, you’ll move on to payment. The portal accepts major credit cards and electronic checks. For active duty military, there’s an option to have the fee waived, but you’ll need to provide documentation of your status.

After Submission

It’s important to remember that you are responsible for your license renewal and ensuring that all continuing education (CE) requirements are met. If you anticipate any issues with meeting CE requirements, contact the board proactively.

Oregon Board of Dental Assistants License Verification

Oregon Board of Dental Assistants License Verification

By verifying a dental assistant‘s license, you can ensure the person taking care of your dental health is fully qualified. However, for Oregon Board of Dental Assistant license verification, follow the easy ways below:

Visit the Oregon Dental Board’s Website

First up, go to the Oregon Dental Board’s official site. This place has everything you need to check if a dental assistant is licensed. It’s user-friendly and the best spot to start your search.

Find the License Verification Area

Next, look for the part of the website called “license verification.” It’s usually easy to spot. This area is set up to check if Oregon dental professionals are legit.

Input the Needed Details

Here, you’ll need to type in some specific info to search for the license you’re interested in. This could be the dental assistant’s name or their license number. Make sure you’ve got the right info to make your search smooth.

Look Over the Search Results

After you hit search, you’ll get to see the details about the dental assistant’s license. This shows you if their license is active, if they have any special skills, and when their license is good. It’s a fast way to make sure a dental assistant is properly licensed in Oregon.

How Often Do Dental Assistants Licenses Need to be Renewed in Oregon?

In Oregon, if you’re a dental assistant, you must renew your license yearly. This rule ensures you stay sharp and know the latest ways to care for your patients.

Renewing your license isn’t just about paying a fee. You also need to finish some extra learning or courses each year. This keeps you in the loop with new methods and rules in dental care.

How Does Heartbeat AI Simplify the Process of Getting & Renewing a Dental Assistants License in Oregon?

How Does Heartbeat AI Simplify the Process of Getting & Renewing a Dental Assistants License in Oregon

Heartbeat AI simplifies the process of getting and renewing a dental assistant license in Oregon by providing necessary information about dental professionals. By contacting them you can learn more about the licensing procedure.

Now, have a look at the few other features of Heartbeat.

Big Database

Heartbeat AI has a massive database with info on over 11 million healthcare workers. This is really handy for keeping your contact info correct in Oregon’s healthcare world. The database is super accurate, meaning you can trust the phone numbers and emails it gives you.

Easy Search Feature

If you’re looking for healthcare professionals in Oregon, Heartbeat AI’s Prospector Tool makes it easy. You can search by where they are, what they do, and how long they’ve been doing it.

Instant Info with a Chrome Extension

With Heartbeat AI’s Chrome Extension, you can quickly get important info without leaving your current page. This is great for dental assistants who need fast access to licensing information without stopping their work.

Keeping Contact Lists Correct

Heartbeat AI also helps you keep your contact lists up to date. Just upload your list, and it’ll fix any mistakes for you.

Pricing That Fits Your Budget

Heartbeat AI offers different pricing plans to fit the budgets of various medical places in Oregon, from small clinics to big hospitals. This means more people can use their services, no matter their budget.

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Final Note

To sum up, the Oregon Board of Dental Assistants ensures that dental assistants are well-trained and meet standards to keep dental care safe and of high quality. Keeping your certification up to date is essential for your job.

However, Heartbeat AI is also there to help by making it easy to check if dental assistants in Oregon have valid licenses. They help to build trust in the dental community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I verify a dental assistant’s license in Oregon?

Yes, license verification can be done through the Oregon Dental Board’s website or the Heartbeat platform for quick and easy verification.

What happens if I don’t renew my dental assistant license on time?

If you don’t renew your dental assistant license on time, operating with an expired license becomes illegal. You need to renew it on schedule to avoid facing penalties and to ensure you can keep working without interruption.

Are there any special programs for military dental assistants in Oregon?

Yes, in Oregon, there are special programs for military dental assistants. Active duty military personnel might qualify for fee waivers when renewing their licenses. To take advantage of this program, you’ll need to provide documentation proving your military status.

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