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Nurses Email List: Get 100% Verified and Updated Mailing List

April 16, 2024
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Are you looking for a way to directly connect with nurses but struggling to find the right one among the 5.3 million registered nurses in the US? Well, a nurses email list is the solution you need.

A nurse email list creates a way for meaningful engagement with registered nurses (RNs), offering a path to communicate directly and effectively. It opens up opportunities for change, learning, and progress in healthcare.

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of nurses email list, from targeted marketing and recruitment to educational outreach and networking opportunities. We’ll also discuss how Heartbeat AI can help you throughout this process.

Let’s start!

Nurses Email List

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About Heartbeat’s Nurses Email Lists: What You Will Get

Heartbeat’s nurses’ email lists make it easy to find information in the healthcare world. Whether you’re focusing on a specific state, like California, or seeking solutions across the entire United States, our platform provides a comprehensive and user-friendly experience.

  • In-Depth Data for Informed Decisions: Heartbeat’s nurses email lists go beyond basic information. From names and locations to contact numbers and email addresses, our database is a treasure of details of 11 million health professionals. Specializations are a key focus, ensuring that you can connect with nurses who match your specific needs.
  • Personalized Solutions for State-Specific Challenges: Our platform is designed to address state-specific nuances, offering personalized solutions to improve your search for skilled healthcare professionals.
  • Overcoming Recruitment Hurdles: Recruiting nurses can be a complex process, especially when dealing with the varied demands of healthcare settings. Heartbeat’s nurses email lists streamline this process, providing you with a curated network of professionals. 
  • Real-Time Updates for Timely Connections: Heartbeat ensures that our nurses email lists are continuously refreshed, offering real-time data. This commitment to accuracy and timeliness empowers you to connect with nurses promptly, fostering collaborations and partnerships within the healthcare community.
  • Connecting You with the Right Professionals: Heartbeat’s nurses email lists serve as a gateway to a network that promotes collaboration and growth.

Types of Data Included in Nurses Mailing List:

  • Names of Nurse
  • Location
  • Contact Numbers (Work, Cell, Mobile)
  • Email Address
  • Specialization
  • Years of Experience
  • Sole Proprietor Status
  • Licensed States
  • License Number
  • Fax
  • Address

Who Are You Likely to See in Our Nurses Email List by Category?

In our Nurses email list, you’re likely to find a diverse range of dental professionals.

Nurses Categories
Registered Nurses
Nurse Practitioners
Certified Nursing Assistants
Critical Care Nurses
Nurse Managers
Emergency Nurses
Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists
Cardiac Care Nurses
Office Based Nurses
Licensed Vocational Nurses
Acute Care Nurse Practitioners
Occupational Health Nurse
Ambulatory Care Nurses
Adolescent Medicine Nurses
Geriatric Nurses
Nursing Home Administrators
Student Nurses
Child Psychiatric Nurse
Military Nurses
Allergy/Immunology Nurse
Public Health Nurses
Licensed Practical Nurses
Pediatric Nurse Practitioners
Perioperative Nurse
School Nurses
Family Nurse Practitioners
Director of Nursing
Oncology Nurse
Women’s Health Nurse Practitioners
Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioners
Advanced Practice Nurses
Neurology Nurses
Cardiology Nurse Practitioners
IV Certification Nurses
Prescriptive Nurse
Reproductive Health Nurses
Practical/Vocational Nurse
Transplant Nurses
Camp Nurse

Available Nurses in Our Email List by States

Our Nurses email list offers a comprehensive breakdown of available Nurses categories across various states.

Nurses By States
Nurses in Alabama
Nurses in Alaska
Nurses in Arizona
Nurses in Arkansas
Nurses in California
Nurses in Colorado
Nurses in Connecticut
Nurses in Delaware
Nurses in Florida
Nurses in Georgia
Nurses in Hawaii
Nurses in Idaho
Nurses in Illinois
Nurses in Indiana
Nurses in Iowa
Nurses in Kansas
Nurses in Kentucky
Nurses in Louisiana
Nurses in Maine
Nurses in Maryland
Nurses in Massachusetts
Nurses in Michigan
Nurses in Minnesota
Nurses in Mississippi
Nurses in Missouri
Nurses in Montana
Nurses in Nebraska
Nurses in Nevada
Nurses in New Hampshire
Nurses in New Jersey
Nurses in New Mexico
Nurses in New York
Nurses in North Carolina
Nurses in North Dakota
Nurses in Ohio
Nurses in Oklahoma
Nurses in Oregon
Nurses in Pennsylvania
Nurses in Rhode Island
Nurses in South Carolina
Nurses in South Dakota
Nurses in Tennessee
Nurses in Texas
Nurses in Utah
Nurses in Vermont
Nurses in Virginia
Nurses in Washington
Nurses in West Virginia
Nurses in Wisconsin
Nurses in Wyoming

Benefits of Nurses Email List

Having nurses email list can be incredibly beneficial for healthcare marketing, recruitment, and informational campaigns. Here are some of the key advantages:

Benefits of Nurses Email List

Targeted Communication

A nurses email list allows for direct communication with a specific group within the healthcare industry. This targeting ensures your messages are relevant to the recipients, increasing engagement and response rates.

Efficient Recruitment

For organizations looking to hire nurses, an email list provides a direct line to potential candidates. It simplifies the recruitment process, making it easier to share job openings and career opportunities.

Educational Outreach

Email lists can be used to disseminate educational content, research findings, and industry news. This helps keep nursing professionals informed about the latest developments in their field.

Product and Service Promotion

Companies offering products or services relevant to nurses can use an email list to promote these offerings directly to their target audience. This approach enhances market penetration and increases sales.

Networking Opportunities

An email list can facilitate networking by connecting nursing professionals with peers, industry experts, and organizations. This enables collaboration and professional growth.

You may also want to see our other department nurses email lists, like orthopedic nursing email list, endocrinology nurses email list, and forensic pathologist email list.

How to Find Nurses Mailing List?

How to Find Nurses Mailing List

Finding a mailing list of nurses respectfully and legally is crucial. You need to make sure you’re respecting their privacy and following laws. Here’s a methodical approach:

Professional Associations and Organizations

Many nursing and healthcare associations maintain databases of their members. Some organizations might offer access to their mailing list or allow for targeted communication through their channels.

Healthcare Directories and Databases

Look for reputable online healthcare directories that list nurse contact information. Ensure these directories respect privacy laws and update their data regularly.

Medical Conferences and Events

Attending nursing conferences and healthcare events can provide opportunities to network and collect contact information directly from nurses, often with their consent.

Email List Providers

Email list providers give you a fast way to find a list of current nurses’ emails that comply with privacy laws. Choosing a reputable provider, such as Heartbeat.AI, ensures reliability and respect for privacy.

3 Best Nurses Email List Providers

When choosing a provider for nurses email list, you want someone you can trust. Here are the top three providers who are known for their quality and service:

1. Heartbeat.AI


Heartbeat.AI simplifies reaching out to healthcare professionals across the United States. Our extensive database features over 11 million US healthcare professionals along with nurses, dentists, and other healthcare workers, readily accessible. 

What sets us apart is the direct provision of cell phone numbers and email addresses, sourced from a broad mix of 200 official, private, and public sources. This guarantees you get the most updated contact information, simplifying your outreach efforts for better and quicker results. 

With Heartbeat.AI, enjoy up to 84% accuracy in cell phone contacts and 92% in email addresses, making it easier and more efficient to hire or connect. For dependable and respectful communication with healthcare professionals, Heartbeat.AI is your go-to resource.

About Heartbeat.AI

  • Founded: 2020
  • Headquarter: Delaware
  • Company Size: 11-50 Employees

Features of Heartbeat.AI

Here are some of the key features of Heartbeat.AI:

Email Verification

Every email address is thoroughly checked by Heartbeat.AI to confirm it’s correct, reducing the chance that your emails won’t be delivered. This ensures your emails reach the people you want to communicate with.

Continuous Updates

Our database gets regular updates, so you always have the most recent information about healthcare providers. This includes changes in their work location, specialties, and how to contact them.

Commitment to Privacy

Heartbeat.AI takes privacy seriously by following laws like GDPR and HIPAA. We make sure your information, and that of your contacts, is well protected, offering you peace of mind.

Customizable Lists

You can customize your email lists based on specific needs, such as the medical field, location, or practice size. This allows for targeted marketing campaigns that are more likely to resonate with the intended audience.

Professional Support

Our team is here to support you in using your email lists effectively. We provide assistance and advice to help you navigate any challenges and enhance the success of your email marketing campaigns.


  • Complies with privacy regulations.
  • Accurate and verified nurses email list.
  • Regularly updated for current data.
  • Customizable lists for targeted campaigns.


  • Premium services may be costly.

2. DataCaptive


DataCaptive stands out as a top provider of Pediatrician and Pediatric Nurse email lists. They’re known for their remarkable accuracy and detailed information that helps healthcare marketers. By focusing on targeted lists, DataCaptive helps businesses reach pediatricians globally. 

Their dedication to the quality of data and customizable options lets marketers precisely shape their messages. This leads to more engaging conversations and higher conversion rates.

About DataCaptive

  • Founded: 2015
  • Headquarter: Santa Clara, California
  • Company Size: 1000-5000

Features of DataCaptive

Let’s explore some features of DataCaptive:

  • Comprehensive Data Fields: DataCaptive’s lists include a wide range of information. Such as names of pediatricians, their email addresses, and phone numbers. This makes it easier to reach out to healthcare professionals.
  • Current Information Assurance: They regularly update their databases to ensure all contact details are current. This helps to maintain effective communication.
  • Customization Options: With DataCaptive, you can customize lists to fit specific marketing goals.
  • Adherence to Privacy Standards: DataCaptive follows privacy regulations, such as GDPR and HIPAA. This safeguards marketers against legal pitfalls and ensures the protection of contact privacy.


They provide a range of plans including Free, Basic, and Premium options. The Basic plan begins at $5 per month, while the Premium plan is available for $10 monthly.


  • Compliance with international privacy laws.
  • Wide range of healthcare contacts.
  • Extensive customization for targeted campaigns.
  • Dedicated customer support team.


  • Learning how to use data effectively can be quite challenging at first.

3. MedicoReach


MedicoReach is known in the healthcare marketing sector for its high-quality and checked nurses’ email lists. Famous for being accurate and effective, MedicoReach helps marketers reach their goals by giving them access to a specific group of professionals. 

They make sure their database is always up to date, so clients can be confident their marketing efforts are based on reliable information.

About MedicoReach

  • Founded: 2014
  • Headquarter: Leander, Texas
  • Company Size: 11-50 Employees

Features of MedicoReach 

Here are the distinctive features of MedicoReach:

  • Healthcare Professional Focus: MedicoReach specializes in providing customized lists for healthcare marketing. These lists offer detailed information and help effectively connect with nurses.
  • Enhanced Email Deliverability: Through comprehensive verification processes, MedicoReach assures higher email deliverability rates. This approach minimizes the likelihood of email bounce-backs.
  • Seamless Integration Capability: The email lists from MedicoReach are designed for straightforward integration with a broad spectrum of CRM and marketing automation tools. This feature simplifies the management and implementation of marketing campaigns.
  • Superior Customer Support: MedicoReach offers strategic guidance and support to optimize clients’ email marketing strategies. This dedication ensures clients can effectively leverage their email lists for maximum impact.


Pricing for these lists is not openly disclosed. Interested parties should contact them directly to discuss specific needs, which could then lead to customized pricing options.


  • Easy integration with CRM tools.
  • High data accuracy and verification.
  • Supports highly targeted marketing.
  • Responsive customer service team.


  • Initial time investment for setup.
  • Focus limits broader marketing reach.

How to Choose the Right Nurse Email List Provider?

How to Choose the Right Nurse Email List Provider

Choosing the right provider for a nurses email list is a critical decision that requires careful consideration. Here’s how to ensure you select a provider that meets your needs while complying with ethical and legal standards:

  • Verify Data Accuracy and Freshness: Look for providers that guarantee up-to-date and verified email lists. Accurate information is key to the success of your campaigns.
  • Check Compliance with Privacy Laws: The provider should adhere to relevant privacy laws such as GDPR or HIPAA. This ensures that the data collection and usage practices respect individual privacy rights.
  • Assess Segmentation Capabilities: A good provider allows you to segment the email list based on various criteria like specialization, geographic location, or years of experience. This helps customize your messaging for better engagement.
  • Evaluate Customer Support: Strong customer service indicates a reliable provider. They should offer assistance in selecting the right list for your needs and provide support for any queries or issues.
  • Read Reviews and Testimonials: Customer feedback can offer valuable insights into the provider’s reliability and the quality of their lists. Look for reviews from businesses similar to yours to gauge potential success.
  • Consider Ethical Practices: Choose a provider that obtains their email lists ethically, ensuring all contacts have opted in to receive communications. This not only respects the privacy of the individuals but also enhances the credibility of your outreach.
  • Look for Customization Options: The best providers offer customizable list options that fit your specific campaign needs. Whether it’s targeting certain nursing specialties or locations, customization can significantly improve campaign outcomes.

Why Heartbeat.ai is Your Trusted Partner?

Why Heartbeat.ai is Your Trusted Partner

Choosing Heartbeat.AI for your healthcare provider data needs comes with a range of unique advantages:

Comprehensive Database Access

The platform offers a huge database, including emails of over 5.8 million nurses. With direct access to 8.8 million cell phones and 6 million phone numbers, it’s easier to reach out quickly and in a personalized way. This makes it simple to keep in touch with the Board and colleagues in the industry.

Direct and Quality Contact Information

Heartbeat AI excels in providing verified personal email addresses and cell phone numbers of healthcare professionals from over 200 varied sources. This ensures that users always have the most current information at their disposal, including 9.3 million personal email addresses for targeted outreach.

Accurate Contact Details

We offer dependable communication with an 84% accuracy rate for cell phone numbers and 92% for personal emails. This accuracy is vital for nurses who need to connect directly with healthcare institutions or other professionals.

Time Efficiency

Heartbeat.ai reduces the time required for hiring or contact acquisition by 10x. We simplify recruitment and marketing processes for nurses and enable more efficient operations.

Networking Opportunities

Heartbeat.ai helps people connect with healthcare professionals using tools like the Chrome Extension and the Prospector Tool. This makes it easier for them to find mentors, collaborate, and grow professionally.

How to Utilize a Nurse’s Email List Effectively?

How to Utilize a Nurse's Email List Effectively

Utilizing a nurse’s email list effectively involves strategic planning and thoughtful execution. Here are key steps to ensure you make the most of your email list:

  • Segment the List: Break down your list based on criteria like specialty, geographic location, years of experience, or type of institution they work for. This allows you to customize your messages more precisely to the interests and needs of different groups.
  • Craft Relevant Content: Develop content that resonates with nurses, such as updates on medical practices, continuing education opportunities, product recommendations, or industry news. Ensure your emails provide value to keep your audience engaged.
  • Personalize Your Emails: Use personalization techniques beyond just including the recipient’s name. Customize the content based on the segment’s specific interests or challenges to increase the relevance of your message.
  • Ensure Compliance: Adhere to email marketing regulations and privacy laws, such as CAN-SPAM Act or GDPR, depending on your location. Include clear opt-out options and respect the privacy of your recipients by safeguarding their information.
  • Test and Optimize: Employ A/B testing for your email campaigns to determine what works best, whether it’s different subject lines, email formats, or call-to-action placements. Use these insights to refine future campaigns for better engagement and conversion rates.
  • Measure Performance: Track key metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates to evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns. This data will help you understand your audience better and adjust your strategies accordingly.
  • Maintain the List: Regularly update your email list to remove inactive or uninterested subscribers and correct any outdated information. This helps maintain the high quality of your list and improves overall campaign performance.

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In summary, using nurses email list is a great step forward for healthcare marketing. These lists enable direct engagement with healthcare professionals, spark interest, and encourage collaboration.

Following privacy regulations and choosing reputable providers are key steps for healthcare marketers to address privacy concerns effectively. This strategy ensures that email lists are obtained ethically and responsibly.

So, if you want to make your mark in healthcare communication, reach out to Heartbeat.AI today and see the difference yourself. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How frequently are Nurse email lists updated?

The timing of updates can differ between providers. However, reliable services like 

How can I buy Nurses email list?

To buy a nurse email list, visit a reputable provider’s website. After that select the type of list you need, and complete the purchase through their online platform or contact their sales team directly.

Can I get a free Nurses email list?

Getting Nurses email lists free varies by provider. While some providers may offer samples or limited data for free.

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