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North Dakota Board of Pharmacy: Licensing Renewal Requirements for Pharmacists in ND

North Dakota currently has around 1,100 licensed pharmacists with an employment rate of 2.778 per thousand jobs. The average hourly mean wage for pharmacists in North Dakota is $55.52, while the annual mean salary is $115,480.

The North Dakota Board of Pharmacy was legislatively established to ensure that every pharmacist practicing in this state and every pharmacy meet minimum requirements for safe practice.

The North Dakota Board of Pharmacy is responsible for the licensure, monitoring and education of Pharmacy professionals to assure competency and safety to practice in their service to the people of North Dakota.

If you are researching North Dakota Pharmacists, Pharmacies, Pharmacy Interns or  Pharmacy Technicians, this article will help you understand how the North Dakota license process works, license renewal, minimum requirements, and more. We will also provide helpful links so you can find out more information about the North Dakota Board of Pharmacy.


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How to get a North Dakota Board of Pharmacy License?

If you are eligible, then you can submit your application for the North Dakota Board of Pharmacy. You can apply online from here:

You will get notified about your application status from the board office within 30  days, sometimes earlier. You can check the status of your North Dakota Pharmacist application online from the official North Dakota Pharmacy website as well.


North Dakota Board of Pharmacy Licensing Requirements

Here are the initial North Dakota licensing requirements for Board Certified Pharmacists:

– 18+ age.
– Graduated from a school or college of pharmacy approved by the North Dakota Pharmacy board.
– Pass the North American Pharmacist Licensure Examination (NAPLEX).
North Dakota State Board of Pharmacy must determine that you have met all the requirements for examination.
– Have successfully passed all parts of the North Dakota Licensure Pharmacist Examination.


North Dakota Board of Pharmacy Renewal and Continuing Education Requirements

To retain their right to practice, licensees, registrants, and permit holders with the North Dakota Board of Pharmacy must renew their licenses on a biennial basis.

Active and retired licensees must pay additional fees and fulfill special continuing education obligations if they want their license to be reactivated.

You can check more information about the renewal form here:
North Dakota Renewal Information

The process of renewing a license may take up to 5 to 7 days.


North Dakota Licensure Examination

To be eligible for initial licensure, applicants must have passed all parts of the North Dakota Licensure Examination within the three years immediately preceding submission of an application or within the three years following submission.

Applicants who have been licensed in another state must submit license verification from each state they currently hold or have ever held a license.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who Regulates Pharmacists in North Dakota?

The North Dakota Board of Pharmacy” regulates the pharmacists in North Dakota to ensure that every person engaged in the practice of Pharmacy in this state meets minimum requirements for safe methods.


How Much Does it Cost to Renew a North Dakota Pharmacy License?

It will cost around $250 to $650 based on the renewal time, expiry date, license status, and other factors. Fees may change from time to time.


What is the North Dakota Board of Pharmacy Address and Contact Information

The official North Dakota Board of Pharmacy address and contact information is listed below:

Board of Pharmacy Name:
North Dakota State Board of Pharmacy

Physical Address:
1906 E Broadway
Bismarck, ND 58501-1354

Mailing Address:
1906 E Broadway
Bismarck, ND 58501-1354

Telephone and Email Contact Information:

Phone Number:

Fax Number:




North Dakota‘s Top 10 Pharmacy Locations by Number of Store Locations and Number of North Dakota Certified Pharmacists

The top licensed pharmacies in North Dakota include:

• Walgreens Pharmacy
• CVS Pharmacy
• Walmart Pharmacy
• Rite Aid Pharmacy
• Kroger Pharmacy
• Albertsons Pharmacy
• AmerisourceBergen Pharmacy
• Publix Pharmacy
• McKesson Pharmacy
• Costco Pharmacy


Conclusion and Summary for the North Dakota Board of Pharmacy

We hope that the above information will help you learn more about the North Dakota Board of Pharmacy, their process, renewal process, address, contact information, and more.

If you want to know more about North Dakota pharmacists, please leave us a comment below. You can also check out the official website for the North Dakota Board of Pharmacy.


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Cover Image Credit: North Dakota Board of Pharmacy website.

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