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Nurses in Missouri: The Complete Email Database to Find the Best

April 25, 2024

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Nursing is a demanding profession, and burnout is a significant issue. Many nurses experience burnout, leading them to seek less demanding roles or leave the profession altogether.

In Missouri’s healthcare system, nurses are indispensable, forming a crucial part of patient care in various settings. With over 118,838 active registered nurses, making up 2.11% of licensed nurses in Missouri, of the U.S. total, their role is pivotal. 

Reaching out to these dedicated professionals is valuable for purposes like research, networking, or recruitment. However, the task can be daunting without the right contact information. 

We’ll delve into Missouri’s healthcare landscape, the significance, and the challenges in connecting with nurses in Missouri. 

And we’ll introduce you to HeartBeat, your solution for easily accessing the essential contact details of these healthcare professionals.

Nurses in Missouri

What’s on this page:

Get the Best Email List of Nurses in Missouri from Heartbeat 

If you want to get contact of top nurses in Missouri, Heartbeat can help you with a list ranging from critical care nurses to emergency nurses.

Overview of Healthcare Industry in Missouri State

The healthcare industry in Missouri is diverse, with 119 hospitals as of 2021, primarily non-profit. There were 11,859 active physicians in Missouri in May 2023, with 1,180 specializing in anesthesiology. 

The state’s healthcare infrastructure serves the medical needs of its population, providing a range of services across various specialties. Missouri’s healthcare sector plays a crucial role in ensuring access to medical care for its residents.

Importance of Finding Nurses Accurate Contact Information

Accurate contact information for a list of disciplined nurses in Missouri is pivotal for several reasons:

Personal Health Benefits 

Having accurate contact details makes it easy for individuals and organizations to reach out to nurses for health advice or immediate medical assistance. Nurses in the Missouri email list make it easy for you to reach out. 

Healthcare Recruitment

Timely recruitment of nursing staff is critical in healthcare settings like hospitals and clinics. Access to a Missouri nurse email list database means recruitment can be more focused and efficient, connecting with suitable candidates promptly.

For Professional Networking

Healthcare professionals and companies benefit from having the right contact details for nurses. It facilitates knowledge sharing, collaboration on projects, and staying updated on industry developments.

In Improving Patient Care

 Direct communication with nurses is essential for effective patient care management. It allows healthcare providers to quickly connect with nurses for patient updates, care coordination, and rapid response to emergencies.

For Marketing 

Companies offering products or services to nurses rely on accurate contact information for targeted marketing efforts. It ensures that marketing campaigns reach the intended audience effectively.

Challenges in Finding Nurses in Missouri State

Challenges in locating nurses in Missouri State are multifaceted. High demand for healthcare services often results in difficulty finding qualified nurses promptly. Technology and databases offer a solution by enabling targeted recruitment.

Using an email list of nurses in Missouri can aid you in overcoming these challenges. Here are the challenges in finding nurses in Missouri State:

  • High Demand: The healthcare sector’s high demand for nurses poses a challenge in filling positions quickly.
  • Technology Solutions: Utilizing extensive Missouri nurse email databases allows for targeted recruitment, saving time and effort.
  • Networking Benefits: These databases not only aid in recruitment but also facilitate professional networking and collaboration.
  • Accuracy Matters: Maintaining accurate and up-to-date contact information in the database is crucial for effective communication and outreach efforts.

About HeartBeat Nurses Contact Lists: What You Will Get

About HeartBeat Nurses Contact Lists

Our system is built to assist with healthcare hiring and networking, simplifying the process. It makes it easier for you to access a database of Missouri nurses

Here’s a quick look at what HeartBeat’s nurse contact lists offer:

HeartBeat AI provides comprehensive information about Missouri nurses, allowing tailored hiring and networking strategies. Plus, our user-friendly interface simplifies healthcare hiring and networking, enhancing accessibility.

With data on 11 million USA Healthcare Professionals, HeartBeat AI offers extensive resources for healthcare recruitment and networking.

Types of Data Included in Nurse Mailing List in Missouri:

  • Nurse Name
  • Location
  • Contact Numbers (Work, Cell, Mobile)
  • Email Address
  • Specialization
  • Years of Experience
  • Sole Proprietor Status
  • Licensed States
  • License Number
  • Fax
  • Address

Who Are You Likely to See in Our Nurse Email List by Category?

Nurses on our list are likely to come from a wide range of professional backgrounds.

Nurse Categories
Registered Nurses (RNs)
Nurse Practitioners (NPs)
Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNSs)
Certified Nurse Midwives (CNMs)
Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs)
Pediatric Nurses
Geriatric Nurses
Critical Care Nurses
Emergency Room Nurses
Oncology Nurses
Cardiac Care Nurses
Mental Health Nurses
Public Health Nurses

Available Nurses in Our Contact List by States

There are many nurse categories available across different states on our nurse’s email list in Missouri. Here is a list of nurses in Missouri by city:

Nurses By States
Nurses in Alabama
Nurses in Alaska
Nurses in Arizona
Nurses in Arkansas
Nurses in California
Nurses in Colorado
Nurses in Connecticut
Nurses in Delaware
Nurses in Florida
Nurses in Georgia
Nurses in Hawaii
Nurses in Idaho
Nurses in Illinois
Nurses in Indiana
Nurses in Iowa
Nurses in Kansas
Nurses in Kentucky
Nurses in Louisiana
Nurses in Maine
Nurses in Maryland
Nurses in Massachusetts
Nurses in Michigan
Nurses in Minnesota
Nurses in Mississippi
Nurses in Montana
Nurses in Nebraska
Nurses in Nevada
Nurses in New Hampshire
Nurses in New Jersey
Nurses in New Mexico
Nurses in New York
Nurses in North Carolina
Nurses in North Dakota
Nurses in Ohio
Nurses in Oklahoma
Nurses in Oregon
Nurses in Pennsylvania
Nurses in Rhode Island
Nurses in South Carolina
Nurses in South Dakota
Nurses in Tennessee
Nurses in Texas
Nurses in Utah
Nurses in Vermont
Nurses in Virginia
Nurses in Washington
Nurses in West Virginia
Nurses in Wisconsin
Nurses in Wyoming

How Do We Compile Our Data to Create an Email List of Nurses in Missouri?

How Do We Compile Our Data to Create an Email List of Nurses in Missouri

At HeartBeat AI, we follow a rigorous process to gather data and build extensive nurse contact lists, with a special focus on Missouri and the entire US.

Our method includes thorough research, verification, and organization to ensure the accuracy and completeness of our lists.

Here’s how we curate email the list of nurses in Missouri

Data Aggregation

We collect data from diverse sources, including over 200 data sources, ensuring comprehensive coverage of healthcare workers, including nurses.

Direct Contact Information

Our database includes direct cell phone numbers and personal email addresses, facilitating direct communication without intermediaries.

Predictive Modeling

We use predictive modeling techniques to estimate contact information accurately, with an 84% accuracy rate for cell phone numbers and 92% for personal emails.

Comprehensive Data

Our database goes beyond basic information, including details like locations, specializations, and more, catering to specific needs.

Targeting the “Hidden” Majority

We focus on reaching healthcare providers not easily found on professional networks, and expanding recruitment possibilities.

Speed and Efficiency

Our database streamlines the recruitment process by providing direct access to a wide pool of healthcare professionals.

Why Choose’s Nurse Email Database in Missouri?

Why Choose's Nurse Email Database in Missouri stands out as a premier source for healthcare recruitment, particularly for those seeking a complete nurses in the Missouri email database. 

Here are some key reasons to choose their services —

High-Quality Contact Information

The platform provides verified personal email addresses and cell phone numbers, improving the reliability of your outreach efforts.

Data Coverage

Heartbeat AI offers access to an extensive network of healthcare providers across the USA, totaling 11 million professionals. Our database provides direct contact information, with 8.8 million direct cell phone numbers and 9.3 million personal email addresses. 

With such vast coverage and accurate data, Heartbeat AI ensures that businesses and organizations can connect with healthcare professionals swiftly and effectively, making it a valuable resource for various healthcare-related needs.

Advanced Data Sourcing

They leverage a network of over 200 private, official, and public sources, ensuring you receive the most up-to-date and comprehensive contact data available.

Efficient Recruitment Process makes hiring a lot faster. It pulls together contact info from different places, making the whole recruitment process smoother and more efficient.

User-Friendly Tools offers additional tools like a Chrome Extension and file upload options, further improving the ease of use and efficiency of the platform.

Specialized in Passive Healthcare Recruitment

The platform is specifically designed for passive healthcare recruitment, providing a targeted approach to healthcare professionals without an active job search.

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Who Can Use the Email Directory List of Nurses in Missouri?

A nurse contact list, such as an email list of nurses in Missouri, can be a resource for you. Here’s a peak of who can use this Missouri nurse email list- 

  • Research Institutions and Technology Companies: For surveys, studies, and introducing healthcare innovations.
  • Pharmaceutical Companies: To inform nurses about medications, clinical trials, and drug safety.
  • Recruitment Agencies: Identifying potential candidates for nursing positions.
  • Healthcare Equipment Manufacturers: Direct outreach to nurses for new product introductions.
  • Medical Publications: Increasing subscriptions and sharing medical information.
  • Continuing Education Providers: Promoting educational programs for skill enhancement.
  • Healthcare Conference Organizers: Promoting relevant events for nursing professionals.
  • Non-Profit Organizations: For awareness campaigns, volunteer recruitment, and fundraising.
  • Policy Makers and Advocates: Gathering insights from healthcare workers for policy shaping.

How to Utilize Nurse Mailing Lists Effectively

If you’re planning to use the Missouri nurse email list database, you’re planning it right. Here are tips on how to utilize the list of nurses in Missouri –

How to Utilize Nurse Mailing Lists Effectively

Share Useful Content

Provide valuable and engaging content to nurses, such as recent research findings, patient care insights, or updates in medical technology. 

When offering products or services, ensure they are relevant and beneficial for nurses, such as tools to enhance their daily tasks or educational resources to support their professional growth.

Maintain Timing 

Send your messages at appropriate times, avoiding excessive frequency since nurses have busy schedules. 

Additionally, tailor your messages to coincide with events like Nurses Week to capture more attention and interest from your audience.

Feedback and Interaction

Incorporate surveys or polls in your messages to gather insights into nurses’ needs and enhance your offerings. Engage nurses with quizzes and webinars to keep them actively involved and informed.

Connect With Your Target 

Tailor your messages to align with the preferences and requirements of the nurses on your list. You can categorize them based on their specialty, location, or years of experience. 

Customize your emails by incorporating their names and referencing their specific roles or interests to create a more personal and engaging communication.

Make Adjustments 

Observe recipients’ responses to your messages and adapt your communication style based on what resonates with them. 

Stay informed about developments in the nursing field to ensure your messages remain pertinent and timely.

For Hiring Purposes 

When recruiting, emphasize opportunities for career advancement, benefits, and your organization’s culture. Highlight growth prospects such as conferences, workshops, and courses to appeal to nurses seeking professional development

Keeping In Touch 

Regularly maintain communication to establish trust and familiarity. Establish online groups or forums where nurses can connect, exchange stories, address concerns, and network with peers.

Privacy and Ethics

Adhere to legal regulations like GDPR or HIPAA to ensure the security of nurse data. Only utilize contact lists where nurses have given consent to receive messages, respecting their privacy and maintaining compliance with these laws

Missouri Board of Nursing

The Missouri Board of Nursing is dedicated to ensure public safety. The organization also certifies the licensed nurses that care for patients and their families by protecting the public from unsafe practices and unprofessional conduct among Missouri nurses. Nursing is a rewarding career that can be challenging when living in Missouri.

Find out more about the Missouri Board of Nursing here.


Nurses are the backbone of Missouri’s healthcare system, and having their contact information is crucial for smooth collaboration and better healthcare. 

We’ve talked about the challenges of getting nurses’ email addresses and offered solutions. But here’s the real deal – we’ve got something special for you.

You can now access a verified list of registered nurses in Missouri through It’s like having a direct line to these healthcare heroes. You can use it for hiring, research, networking, and more. It’s a game-changer for your healthcare needs.

So, don’t miss out on this opportunity. can supercharge your healthcare efforts and help you make a positive impact. Give it a try, and see how it transforms your healthcare connections.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to become a nurse in Missouri?

To become a registered nurse in Missouri, you must complete a degree program and pass the licensing exam. Programs are typically offered at the associate’s (ADN) or baccalaureate (BSN) levels. 

Additionally, there is a hospital-based program at the Lutheran School of Nursing at St. Alexius. Requirements include completing the chosen program and successfully passing the licensing examination to practice as a registered nurse in Missouri.

How can you use the Missouri nurses’ email list for hiring?

You can use the Missouri nurses’ email list for hiring by directly reaching out to potential candidates. Segment the list based on your hiring criteria, such as specialization or location, and send personalized recruitment emails. 

Highlight career opportunities, benefits, and your organization’s culture. Engage with nurses through webinars or workshops to showcase your organization. 

How often is the Missouri nurses’ email list updated, and how can I access the most recent information for recruitment purposes?

Our Missouri nurses’ email list is regularly updated to ensure accuracy. You can access the latest information by subscribing to our service. 

We provide real-time updates to help you connect with nurses who are actively looking for career opportunities.

How to Purchase the List of MO Nurses?

Besides the Missouri nurse specialty lists, provides valuable and accurate Healthcare and Medical Data Lists, Emails and Cell Phone Numbers of Nurses, Physicians, Doctors, and other Locum Tenens Professionals. Lookup over 10 Million Healthcare Providers contact info in a few clicks and get their personal email address and cell / mobile phone number instantly.

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