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Maryland Dental Assistants Email, Mailing, Database Lists for MD

Maryland Dental Assistants Email Lists Heartbeat

Maryland currently has 4,850 licensed and certified dental assistants with an employment rate of 1.924 per thousand jobs. The average hourly mean wage for dental assistants in Maryland is $20.82, while the annual mean salary is $45,280.

Finding an accurate list of Certified Dental Assistants (CDAs) email addresses in Maryland on your own can be quite challenging. 


Maryland Dental Assistants Email Lists

Intro to the Maryland Dental Assistants Email List Database

Want instant access to the list of Maryland Dental assistants contact information for all 4,850 dental assistants in the state of MD from Heartbeat.ai? 

Heartbeat.ai has the most comprehensive and accurate Maryland dental assistants contact database of email addresses, cell phone numbers, and mailing addresses, to help you with your prospecting or recruiting and hiring campaigns for targeting Maryland dental assistants.

These 4,850 licensed dental assistants work at different dental clinics, dentist offices, and dental facilities around Maryland.


Maryland List of Registered Dental Assistants

Here is the list of database and contact information that you will get when searching the Maryland Dental Assistants mailing list on Heartbeat.ai:

– Dental Assistant Name

Maryland Location

MD Work Telephone

MD Cell Phone Number

– Email Addresses

– Dental Assistant Specialization

– Years of Experience

– Sole Proprietor Status

– Dental Assistant License Number in Maryland

– Other Licensed Dental Assistant States (besides MD)

– Fax

MD Address of the Dental Assistant


Where to Get an Email List of Dental Assistants in Maryland?

Heartbeat.ai has one of the largest verified database lists of Dental Assistants, Dentists, Doctors, Doctor of Medicine (MDs), and other medical professionals from the State of Maryland. The database list is updated in real-time to provide you with the latest and most accurate list of dental assistants in MD.


Popular Types of Specialty Dental Assistants in Maryland

In Maryland’s most populated cities like Baltimore, Columbia, Germantown, Silver Spring,  Waldorf, or Annapolis, there are certain types of specialty dental assistants in high demand.

With Heartbeat.ai, you can explore these most popular dental assistant professions and multiple specialty dentistry, specifically for Maryland and each city within the state. 


Maryland Dental Assistants Board

The Maryland Dental Assistant Board serves and protects consumers of Maryland through licensing, approving dental assistants training programs, and enforcement of the laws governing the Dental Assistants Practice Act.

Dental Assistants are highly skilled professions who, under the supervision of a Maryland dentist, provide patient services ranging from repair or remove damaged teeth to very specialized dental surgery.

Find out more about the Maryland Board of Dental Assistants here.


Conclusion and Summary for Dental Assistants in MD

The Maryland dental assistants email lists and other contact information can easily be found by searching for dental assistants in the major cities throughout the state of MD, such as: Baltimore, Columbia, Germantown, Silver Spring, Waldorf, Annapolis and more.

Get instant access to dental assistants in the USA, and the specialty list of licensed Maryland dental assistants contact information for all 4,850 dental assistants in the state of MD from Heartbeat.ai.


How to Purchase the List of MD Dental Assistants?

Besides the Maryland dental assistants specialty lists, Heartbeat.ai provides valuable and accurate Healthcare and Medical Data Lists, Emails and Cell Phone Numbers of Dentists, Doctors, Nurses, and other Locum Tenens Professionals. Lookup over 11 Million Healthcare Providers contact info in a few clicks and get their personal email address and cell / mobile phone number instantly.

See pricing here and sign up for Heartbeat.ai Free Trial today to get access to the email and contact list of Maryland Dental Assistants.


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