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Alaska Board of Medicine: Quick Medical Licensing Guide

March 31, 2024

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The Alaska Board of Medicine (AK) makes sure all doctors in the state meet strict safety standards to keep patients safe and healthy. This responsibility includes careful oversight activities, such as reviewing complaints and imposing disciplinary actions on those who do not meet these critical standards. 

In this guide, we’ll provide a comprehensive overview of the physician licensing process in Alaska. You’ll learn how to apply for a license, the steps for renewal, and the methods for verifying a physician’s credentials. Each of these processes is crucial for maintaining professional standards.

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Alaska Board of Medicine

What’s on this page:

Alaska Board of Medicine: At A Glance

The AK Board of Medicine plays a crucial role in protecting public health and safety across the region. This regulatory body thoroughly reviews the qualifications of individuals applying for medical licensure, ensuring they meet the necessary standards for providing medical care. 

By setting clear policies and criteria for the practice of medicine, the board ensures that healthcare practitioners adhere to the highest levels of professionalism and expertise. It closely watches licensed medical professionals and can discipline those who don’t follow the rules. In doing so, the board safeguards the integrity of medical practice in Alaska.

Contact Information

  • Address: 907-269-8163
  • Phone: 333 Willoughby Ave., 9th, Juneau, AK 99801-1770, State Office Building.
  • Website: Alaska Board of Medicine

What is the Alaska Board of Medicine Responsible for?

The Board of Medicine Alaska is essential in maintaining patient health and safety. The following outlines its primary functions:

  • Licensing: The board grants licenses to doctors and health care professionals in Alaska, verifying they possess the necessary skills to offer top-notch patient care.
  • Standards Enforcement: It establishes and enforces the rules and guidelines for medical practice in the state, ensuring a secure and ethically responsible healthcare environment.
  • Professional Oversight: The board looks into reports of unjust behavior by healthcare workers and takes action if they find proof of wrongdoing.
  • Educational Advancement: It requires healthcare professionals to pursue ongoing education, keeping them informed of the latest in medical science and treatment options, thereby elevating patient care quality.

Alaska Board of Medicine License Lookup

For Alaska medicine license lookup, you don’t need to fill in all the search fields on the webpage of the official site. You can search using just the last name, or combine the last name with the city, or you can simply enter the license number. 

If you know the specific board, you can also search by the last name and the board’s three-letter code. For physicians and paramedics, use “MED”, and for physician assistants, use “PAD”.

For more details on a licensee, click on their license number, which will be displayed in blue. In the “Additional Information” section. If there’s no provided information, it means there have been no disciplinary actions against the licensee. 

However, if there are any notes about disciplinary actions or accusations on the license record, you can look into the Professional License Disciplinary Action Reports for a summary of the action taken by the Board. 

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Are You Eligible for an Alaska Medical License?

In Alaska, to be eligible for a physician license, there are several basic requirements.

For those looking to restore a retired license, they need to meet the SPEX/COMVEX requirement. When it comes to the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE), candidates are allowed a maximum of two attempts for each of the Steps I to III. However, if you’re already licensed in another jurisdiction, there might be an alternative pathway for you.

All three steps of the USMLE must be completed within a seven-year timeframe, which starts from the date of the first successful step completion.

Postgraduate training (PGT) requirements vary depending on where you graduated from. If you’re a medical graduate from the US or Canada, you need to complete two years of PGT. However, only one year is required if you finish medical school before January 1995. 

And lastly, for international medical graduates, three years of postgraduate training are required. If you have all these qualities, you can apply for an Alaska Medicine Board license.

Alaska Board of Medicine License Requirements

Here are the things you’ll need to secure the AK Board of Medicine license. 

  • Verification of medical school and transcripts.
  • Examination score verification.
  • Postgraduate training verification.
  • Verification of hospital privileges over the last 5 years.
  • DEA license verification.
  • AMA or AOA profile review.
  • Background check required.
  • Average processing time: 3-4 months.
  • Alaska accepts FCVS.
  • Two attempts are allowed per USMLE Step or COMLEX Level.
  • Minimum of 2 years postgraduate training for US/Canada graduates, 3 years for IMGs.
  • USMLE or COMLEX must be completed within 7 years, extended to 10 years for MD/PhD candidates.

How to Get an Alaska Board of Medicine License

How to Get an Alaska Board of Medicine License

Obtaining a medical license from the Alaska State Medical Board is a crucial step for medical professionals wishing to practice in Alaska. Here’s a simplified guide to the licensing procedure. 

Step 1: Achieve Your Medical Degree

Secure a degree from a medical school recognized by the Alaska State Medical Board. It’s important that your education complies with the Board’s criteria and is comprehensively documented.

Step 2: Complete Residency Training

Engage in a residency program within your medical specialty of choice. This critical phase allows for the application of theoretical knowledge in practical settings.

Step 3: Clear Licensing Examinations

Pass the required medical exams, such as the USMLE, to demonstrate your competency and readiness for medical practice.

Step 4: Submit the Alaska Board of Medicine License Application

Complete and submit the licensure application found on the Alaska Medical Board’s website, ensuring accuracy in all details and payment of any associated fees.

Step 5: Provide Required Documentation

Provide the Board with all necessary documentation, including proof of education, test scores, and potential recommendation letters. Being prepared with these documents can facilitate a smoother process.

Step 6: Anticipate the Board’s Review

After submission, wait for the Board to assess your application and render their verdict. Additional information might be requested. Following approval, you will be granted your license to practice medicine in Alaska.

Alaska Medical Board Licensure Time Frame

Generally, the process to get a temporary permit takes about six to eight weeks. And achieving full licensure typically requires twelve to fourteen weeks, although it can sometimes take longer. This timeframe includes gathering necessary documentation, submitting your application, and waiting for the reviewing agency to process your request. 

To finish the licensure process effortlessly, start early and keep everything organized. Always make sure all your paperwork is filled out correctly and sent in on time. This helps avoid any delays in getting your permit or license.

Cost of Alaska Medical Board License

When applying for a medical license with the Alaska State Medical Board, you’ll need to pay a $400 nonrefundable fee for them to process your application. 

After your application is approved, and you are granted a license, there is an additional fee of $425 for your permanent licensure. These fees cover the administrative costs of processing your application and issuing your license.

When it comes to renewal, physician assistants need to complete the online renewal form and pay a renewal fee of $100.00. For physicians, there is a $60.00 universal renewal fee and an additional $300.00 fee for board renewal.

Alaska  Board of Medicine License Renewal

Alaska Board of Medicine License Renewal

To renew your medical license in Alaska, follow this straightforward guide:

Step 1: Access the Official Portal

Begin by going to the AK State Medical Board’s official website. Search for the section dedicated to license renewal and log in with your existing details.

Step 2: Complete the Renewal Application

Fill in the renewal application with the most current information about yourself and your practice. Double-check to ensure all the information provided is accurate and reflects your current situation.

Step 3: Confirm Your Continuing Education

Ensure you have fulfilled the required continuing education (CE) credits. This information needs to be part of your renewal submission. It’s wise to maintain records of your CE activities for any future verification needs.

Step 4: Remit the Renewal Fee

Refer to the Board’s website for the specific amount of the renewal fee. This fee is typically payable online during the application process. Prompt payment is crucial to avoid any processing delays.

Step 5: Finalize Your Renewal Submission

After updating the application with your details and CE credits, and paying the necessary fee, proceed to submit your renewal. Be on the lookout for a confirmation notification to verify that your renewal is complete and in process.

Alaska Board of Medicine License Verification

Alaska Board of Medicine License Verification

Verifying a medical license with the Alaska State Medical Board is a vital step to ensure a healthcare professional’s credentials are legitimate. Here’s a straightforward guide:

Step 1: Visit the Official Website

First off, head to the Alaska State Medical Board’s official website for license verification. On this site, you can perform a search using the healthcare professional’s full name, partial name, or license number.

Step 2: Provide the Healthcare Professional’s Information

Enter the required information, such as the full name or license number of the healthcare professional. Preparing these details in advance can speed up the process.

Step 3: Conduct the Search and Analyze the Results

Once you’ve input the information, press the search button. The system will reveal the current status of the professional’s license, showing whether it’s active, expired, or if there are any disciplinary actions recorded.

Step 4: Confirm the Details

Review the provided information carefully to ensure it accurately matches the healthcare professional you’re verifying. It’s important that the data is current and correct.

Step 5: Act Accordingly

If the verification process uncovers any discrepancies or concerns, you may need to take additional steps. This could involve contacting the Alaska State Medical Board for more detailed information or addressing the issue with the healthcare professional directly.

How Often Do Medicine Licenses Need to be Renewed in Alaska?

In Alaska, medical licenses follow a biennial cycle, expiring on December 31 of every even-numbered year. At least 30 days before the expiration date, renewal notifications are sent to the address the Board has on record.

How Does Heartbeat AI Simplify the Process of Getting & Renewing a Medicine License in Alaska?

How Does Heartbeat AI Simplify the Process of Getting & Renewing a Medicine License in Alaska

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Chrome Extension

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The Alaska Board of Medicine is key to keeping healthcare safe and high-quality in Alaska. It sets medical standards, licenses qualified people, and checks that these standards are followed. Their work ensures that healthcare in Alaska is top-notch, benefiting doctors and the public.

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What are the continuing education requirements for license renewal?

Alaska requires physicians to complete a certain number of continuing medical education (CME) credits during each renewal period. The specific requirements can be found on the Board of Medicine’s website.

Can I check the status of my license application online?

Yes, you can typically check the status of your license application online through the Alaska Board of Medicine’s website or by contacting their office directly.

How does the Alaska Board of Medicine handle complaints against healthcare professionals?

The Alaska Board of Medicine investigates complaints against healthcare professionals to determine if any violations of medical practice laws or regulations have occurred. Investigations may include gathering evidence, conducting interviews, and holding hearings.

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