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Physicians in North Carolina [Verified Email Database & Contact Info]

March 30, 2024
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Physicians in North Carolina

In North Carolina, rural areas experience a shortage of physicians, with less than 50% of the number of doctors per 10,000 residents compared to urban areas. 

Rural regions frequently face difficulties in attracting and keeping healthcare professionals, primarily because of issues related to their profession, economic factors, infrastructure limitations, and cultural differences.

Hence, having accurate contact information for these physicians in the state is vital. It enables patients to book appointments and seek assistance when necessary easily. 

Additionally, hospitals and clinics need to maintain current contact details of physicians for efficient referral processes or consultations.

However, with Heartbeat’s comprehensive list, it’s easier to manage healthcare services. This helps patients get better care and overall health across the state.

Let’s get into the details. 

Get the Best Email List of Physicians in North Carolina from HeartBeat

Whether you are looking for primary care physicians or specialists in North Carolina, HeartBeat.ai’s list can help you find the best licensed physicians in the state.

Overview of the Healthcare Industry in North Carolina

North Carolina’s healthcare system provides services to nearly 10.7 million residents, supported by a consolidated hospital market and integrated delivery networks. 

North Carolina is recognized for its innovative approach to healthcare, emphasizing value-based care and addressing social determinants of health.

The healthcare system here is characterized by a large number of physicians in North Carolina and a diverse range of healthcare facilities.

The key healthcare facilities in North Carolina  State include:

  • Hospitals: North Carolina is home to nearly 200 hospitals, with 113 hospitals reported in 2021, including 69 non-profit hospitals.
  • Physicians: In 2023, there were 16,042 active physicians in the state, with a notable presence of over 1,199 anesthesiologists.
  • Top Hospitals by Revenue: Leading hospitals in 2021 based on net patient revenue included Duke University Hospital, Atrium Health Carolinas Medical Center, and UNC Medical Center, among others.

Importance of Finding Physicians Accurate Contact Information

Importance of Finding Physicians Accurate Contact Information

The significance of having access to precise contact information for physicians extends well beyond individual needs. For all you know, it plays a hero role in the broader healthcare industry. 

The list of disciplined physicians in North Carolina helps in unimaginable ways. This includes enhancing patient care, facilitating efficient hiring processes, and fostering professional networking. 

Here’s a closer look at the reasons why accurate contact information for physicians is vital:

Enhancing Patient Care and Accessibility

For patients, accurate contact details of physicians mean quicker and easier access to healthcare services.

Precise information aids in scheduling appointments promptly. You can discuss health concerns effectively, and receive timely medical advice, which is decisive for maintaining and improving health.

In emergencies, having the right contact details can be life-saving, allowing for swift medical response.

Efficient Healthcare Hiring Processes

In healthcare recruitment, you know how having the correct contact information for physicians is instrumental.

It simplifies the hiring process and lets healthcare institutions swiftly identify and engage with qualified professionals.

Moreover, accurate contact details ensure that communication is timely and effective, crucial for filling critical roles in healthcare settings.

Facilitating Professional Healthcare Networking

For healthcare professionals, accurate and current contact information is the cornerstone of effective networking.

It lets physicians, healthcare administrators, and other professionals connect, share knowledge, and collaborate on various initiatives.

Not just that, strong networking, supported by reliable contact information, can lead to advancements in medical practices. It can even help in research collaborations, and improve healthcare delivery.

Challenges in Finding Physicians in North Carolina

Finding physicians in a North Carolina email database that is reliable is a little bit tough, especially when there are challenges that you may face when trying to look for one.  

These difficulties can impact healthcare services, recruitment processes, and patient care. Here are some key problems and their explanations:

Shortage in Specific Specialties

North Carolina, like many regions, faces a shortage in certain medical specialities. This means patients might have longer wait times for specific treatments or consultations, impacting timely access to care.

The shortage also puts additional strain on existing physicians in those specialities, potentially affecting the quality of care.

Geographical Disparities

There’s a notable disparity in physician distribution between urban and rural areas in North Carolina.

Rural regions often have fewer healthcare providers, leading to limited access to healthcare for residents in these areas.

This geographical imbalance means patients in rural areas might have to travel long distances for medical care, which can be particularly challenging for those with chronic conditions or limited mobility.

Competition for Talent

The healthcare sector in North Carolina is competitive, making it challenging for healthcare facilities to attract and retain top talent.

Hospitals and clinics often compete for a limited pool of qualified physicians, especially in popular specialties or urban locations.

This competition can lead to higher operational costs for healthcare facilities and sometimes, a rapid turnover of staff.

Rapid Population Growth

North Carolina’s population is growing rapidly, which increases the demand for healthcare services.

The growing population, particularly in urban areas, can strain existing healthcare resources, leading to longer wait times and potentially overburdened medical staff.

This growth requires continuous recruitment of healthcare professionals, which can be a challenging and resource-intensive process.

About HeartBeat Physicians Contact Lists: What You Will Get

About HeartBeat Physicians Contact Lists

HeartBeat.ai provides a detailed and extensive database containing contact information for physicians in NC. It includes over 2.5 million validated email addresses, mobile phone numbers, and postal addresses of licensed medical doctors working in the United States. 

Types of Data Included in Physicians’ Mailing List

  • Physicians Name
  • Location
  • Contact Numbers (Work, Cell, Mobile)
  • Email Address
  • Specialization
  • Years of Experience
  • Sole Proprietor Status
  • Licensed States
  • License Number
  • Fax
  • Address

Who Are You Likely to See in Our Physicians Email List by Category?

Explore the diverse range of physicians available within our comprehensive list, categorized by specialization for your convenience.

Physician Assistants
Physician Recruiters
Emergency Physicians
Osteopathic Physicians
Clinical Trial Physicians
Primary Care Physicians
AMA Physicians
Clinical Trial Physicians (AMA)
Sports Medicine Physicians
Aerospace Medicine Physicians
Bariatric Physician

Available Physicians in Our Email List by States

Our Physicians’ email list in North Carolina offers a comprehensive breakdown of available Physician categories across various states.

Physician By States
Email List of Physicians in Texas
Physicians Email Database in Florida
Physician in Alabama
Physician in Alaska
Physician in Arizona
Physician in Arkansas
Physician in California
Physician in Colorado
Physician in Connecticut
Physician in Delaware
Physician in Georgia
Physician in Hawaii
Physician in Idaho
Physician in Illinois
Physician in Indiana
Physician in Iowa
Physician in Kansas
Physician in Kentucky
Physician in Louisiana
Physician in Maine
Physician in Maryland
Physician in Massachusetts
Physician in Michigan
Physician in Minnesota
Physician in Mississippi
Physician in Missouri
Physician in Montana
Physician in Nebraska
Physician in Nevada
Physician in New Hampshire
Physician in New Jersey
Physician in New Mexico
Physician in New York
Physician in Florida
Physician in North Dakota
Physician in Ohio
Physician in Oklahoma
Physician in Oregon
Physician in Pennsylvania
Physician in Rhode Island
Physician in South Carolina
Physician in South Dakota
Physician in Tennessee
Physician in Texas
Physician in Utah
Physician in Vermont
Physician in Virginia
Physician in Washington
Physician in West Virginia
Physician in Wisconsin
Physician in Wyoming

How Do We Compile Our Data to Create a Contact List of Physicians in North Carolina State? 

Our database boasts an impressive accuracy rate exceeding 95% and is constantly updated in real-time, guaranteeing access to the latest information available.

Here’s an overview of the approaches and considerations in compiling the data:

  • Collected from Reputable Sources: We collect information from established sources such as medical associations, licensing boards, and healthcare directories.
  • Government Database Utilization: Our data comes from publicly available databases and registries from government health agencies, ensuring authenticity. We have 200 data partners to give us the most accurate information. 
  • Credential Verification: Credentials of physicians are cross-checked with medical boards and accreditation bodies for verification.
  • Consistent Updates: We regularly update our contact list to reflect any changes in contact details, keeping the information current.
  • Focus on Accreditation: Our database prioritizes physicians who have credentials from accredited medical schools and recognized residency programs.
  • Active Licensing Check: We include only those physicians who hold active medical licenses, confirming they are currently practicing.
  • Specialization and Expertise Consideration: We take into account the specific specializations and expertise of physicians to cater to diverse medical needs.
  • Adherence to Privacy and Compliance: We strictly follow data protection regulations and privacy standards to ensure the confidentiality of the physicians’ information.

Why Choose Heartbeat.ai’s Physician Email Database in North Carolina?

Choosing Heartbeat.ai’s physicians’ contact list for North Carolina offers numerous benefits

Physicians' Email database for North Carolina

In-Depth Coverage

Heartbeat.ai’s database is extensive, with details on over 26,481 physicians in the state. This includes in-depth information about their areas of expertise, years in practice, and full contact details. 

This wide-ranging coverage gives you a broad perspective of the medical arena in the state. Heartbeat offers access to a vast network of healthcare providers with exceptional speed and accuracy. 

In addition, we provide access to 8.8 million direct cell phone numbers, allowing you to make direct and efficient contact with healthcare professionals.

For personalized communication, we also offer 9.3 million personal email addresses, making it convenient to reach out to healthcare providers through email.

With 6 million records in our database, Heartbeat delivers comprehensive healthcare data, ensuring you have access to the most up-to-date and accurate information in the industry.

High Accuracy Rate

The database stands out for its accuracy, boasting a rate of over 95%. This high level of precision means you can trust the information for up-to-date and correct details, essential for any professional engagement.

Real-time Updates

Heartbeat.ai ensures that its database is continually updated. As a result, you get access to the most current contact information available for North Carolina’s physicians, keeping you ahead in fast-paced professional environments.

Diverse Data Range

Our extensive database encompasses a staggering 11 million healthcare professionals in the USA alone, ensuring you have a wealth of options to choose from. 

The list isn’t just comprehensive; it’s also detailed. It covers crucial data like names, practice locations, phone numbers, email addresses, specialties, and years of experience. 

This diversity in data facilitates effective and targeted communication with healthcare professionals.

User-Friendly Interface

The platform is designed with user experience in mind, featuring an intuitive interface that lets you easily filter and tailor the data. 

This customization capability ensures you find exactly what you need quickly and efficiently.

Increased Efficiency 

Utilizing Heartbeat.ai’s database can significantly streamline your efforts, whether you’re recruiting, seeking partnerships, or conducting marketing campaigns. 

This efficiency saves valuable time and resources, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your work.

Who Can Use the Physicians Email Directory?

The North Carolina physician email list database from HeartBeat.ai is a versatile tool that caters to a wide range of users and industries. Here’s who can benefit from it

  • Patients Seeking Medical Care: Individuals can find the right doctors to meet their specific healthcare needs quickly and efficiently.
  • Medical Researchers: This list is invaluable for researchers looking to collaborate with physicians on studies or gather data for medical research.
  • Healthcare Recruitment Agencies: These agencies can effectively identify and recruit qualified physicians for various roles, streamlining their hiring processes.
  • Pharmaceutical Companies: The list allows targeted marketing and outreach to specific physician groups, enhancing campaign effectiveness.
  • Medical Equipment Suppliers: Suppliers can directly reach out to physicians who may need or be interested in their products and services.
  • Healthcare Associations and Organizations: These groups can use the list for member outreach, facilitating communication within the medical community.
  • Academic Institutions: Universities and research institutions can leverage the list for conducting studies and surveys among physicians.
  • Medical Education Providers: They can use the list to develop and market targeted training programs and resources tailored to physicians.
  • Insurance Companies: The contact list aids in verifying physician credentials and contact details for streamlined claims processing.
  • Media and Journalists: Reporters can access expert opinions and insights from physicians for news articles, reports, and healthcare analysis.

How to Utilize Physicians Mailing Lists Effectively

Utilizing Physicians’ Contact Lists effectively can significantly enhance various aspects of healthcare-related work, from networking to marketing. 

Here are some strategies to maximize the potential of these lists

  • Identify Your Goals: Clearly define what you want to achieve with the contact list, whether it’s recruiting, research collaboration, sales, or networking.
  • Segment the Data: Organize the list based on relevant criteria like specialization, location, or years of experience. This helps target your communications more effectively.
  • Personalize Communication: Tailor your messages to the specific needs and interests of the physicians you are contacting. Personalized communication is more likely to receive a positive response.
  • Ensure Compliance: Be aware of and comply with privacy laws and regulations, like HIPAA in the U.S., when using contact information for communication.
  • Use Multi-Channel Outreach: Don’t rely on just one form of communication. Combine emails, phone calls, and direct mail for a comprehensive outreach strategy.
  • Track and Analyze Responses: Monitor the responses you get from your outreach efforts. This data can help refine your approach and improve future campaigns.

Build Relationships: Instead of just sending out information, focus on building relationships with the physicians. Networking can lead to more opportunities and collaborations.

North Carolina Board of Medicine

The North Carolina Board of Medicine is dedicated to ensure public safety. The organization also certifies the licensed physicians that care for patients and their families by protecting the public from unsafe practices and unprofessional conduct among North Carolina physicians. Being a medical doctor is a rewarding career in healthcare when living in North Carolina.

Find out more about the North Carolina Board of Medicine here.


The healthcare environment today is ticking in competition and quality. And a  platform like Heartbeat.ai is pivotal, especially in North Carolina State. 

We offer a unique solution by providing access to a comprehensive database of over 26,000 verified physicians. This accessibility is necessary for anyone who needs healthcare services, as well as for professionals and organizations aiming to network and recruit within the healthcare sector. 

Heartbeat.ai used the very power of digital health and AI to make these processes happen. Thus making it easy and much more efficient to connect with the right healthcare professionals. 

By standing at the forefront of healthcare innovation, Heartbeat.ai is not just a tool but a game-changer in enhancing healthcare recruitment, networking, and meeting personal healthcare needs in North Carolina.
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What are the sources for the data in the Physicians Contact List?

The data for the physician contact list is gathered from a diverse range of sources. This includes professional associations, healthcare providers, public records, and various online resources to ensure comprehensiveness and accuracy.

Can I customize the list based on specific requirements?

Absolutely! The list allows for filtering by various criteria such as medical specialty, geographic location, languages spoken, insurance affiliations, and years of professional experience. This feature helps in tailoring the list to meet specific needs and preferences.

How updated is the information in the Physicians Contact List?

The information in the physician’s contact list is updated in real-time. This ensures that you always have access to the most current and accurate information, which is crucial for effective professional communication and networking.

Is the contact list compliant with privacy laws?

Yes, the contact list is compiled with strict adherence to privacy laws and regulations. We prioritize the confidentiality and privacy of the information, ensuring it aligns with legal standards such as HIPAA in the U.S.

How to Purchase the List of NC Physicians and Doctors?

Besides the North Carolina physician specialty lists, Heartbeat.ai provides valuable and accurate Healthcare and Medical Data Lists, Emails and Cell Phone Numbers of Physicians, Doctors, Nurses, and other Locum Tenens Professionals. Lookup over 10 Million Healthcare Providers contact info in a few clicks and get their personal email address and cell / mobile phone number instantly.

See pricing here and sign up for Heartbeat.ai Free Trial today to get access to the email and contact list of North Carolina Physicians.

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